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Sod Installation in Meadow Ridge Neighborhood of Holly Springs

Matching With Zoysia

Garner Neighborhood: Southern Trace

Project Location: Section in the front yard and the entire left side.

Lawn Environment: Full sun lawn for the majority of the day. The areas we are working on have an abundance of clover and other broadleaf weeds, which had taken over a once lush green lawn. Additionally, the client had some trees removed last year leaving bare areas with uneven ground. 

Lawn Challenge: The client had an overgrowth of weeds in their small backyard. Wanted some grass that would withstand the sun and not require huge amounts of work to keep healthy.

Sod Type Recommendation: We recommended killing off the existing weeds about 10 days prior to the lawn renovation. Then bring in a tiller to loosen up the compacted soil, and remove all unwanted debris and tree roots while leveling off the lawn and allowing it to match up evenly where it meets the healthy part of the lawn. 

Scope of Work: The client is hoping for us to level his yard out where the trees were removed and install Zenith Zoysia to match the rest of his healthy lawn. The homeowner expressed concerns about heavy equipment being driven over the healthy part of the lawn to reach the area we were working on. We assured the client we would be extremely careful not to disturb the healthy part of the lawn, we would either move our heavier equipment around it or anything that may be too large to go around it onto the walkway we can drive around behind the house to get to the side. 

Interesting Challenge: One of the significant challenges we faced was dealing with the remnants of the removed trees. The tree roots intertwined with the soil, making ground preparation a more intricate task but we were able to navigate through this ensuring that the sod installation would proceed smoothly. We meticulously prepared the ground, addressing the unevenness and creating a level surface for the sod installation. 

Project Highlights: The client trusted that the sod would allow them to finally enjoy this backyard area without having to tiptoe around weeds. And, the client was happy with the installation and very appreciative of the crew.

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