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Sod Installation in Cary Neighborhood of Bent Creek

My Dog Is A Runner

Cary Neighborhood: Bent Creek

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Full sun

Lawn Challenge: His lawn had been torn up to just mud when I came out there. His dog was a runner and had destroyed the lawn. He wanted something that would not only fix the immediate muddiness, but also something that could tolerate the dog on his runs.

Giving this lawn a grass that his dog would love and wouldn’t puddle, die, or wear out.

Sod Type Recommendation: Our recommendation was a high-grade Bermuda. He wanted something that would tolerate the dog as well as something that wouldn’t require huge amounts of maintenance. TifTuf was ideal for this lawn.

Scope of Work: There were a few areas in need of a light grade to ensure water could flow properly away from the yard and not into puddles. We brought in soil and a well established, thick TifTuf Bermuda that would root quickly.

Interesting Challenge: A major challenge was the dog. We knew this dog was a runner, but we also knew the sod needed proper time to root free from the dog running. So with that, the homeowner was able to secure a plan for the dog to be with the in-laws for the installation period. Crisis averted. 🙂

Project Highlights: Yes. The client was very excited to finally have a great lawn they all could enjoy. He was also very pleased with the drainage solution through the grading so no more puddling would happen. Upon completion of the lawn, we found that the homeowner had just bought a new pup to add to the family. He couldn’t wait for both dogs to love this lawn!

Sod Installation in Cary Park

Give Me A Thick Lush Lawn Please

Cary Neighborhood: Cary Park

Project Location: Entire Yard

Lawn Environment: Full sun

Lawn Challenge: They had been dealing with scrappy Bermuda for years. Most of the neighbors had Bermuda, but they just wanted something that would grow thick.

Sod Type Recommendation: Our recommendation was to explore Zoysia. We gave them the option and they loved the way the Empire Zoysia looked.

Scope of Work: We needed to do a heavy kill on the Bermuda before anything else. This was done two weeks prior to the install with another done a week before the install to really ensure a complete kill. Once this was done, we could grade the property and get the lawn installed right.

Interesting Challenge: Dealing with Bermuda was a little crazy as its roots just run so deep, but we were able to successfully clear it out and make the subbase beautiful.

Project Highlights: They loved the Empire Zoysia recommendation. It fit all their needs and they loved the way it looked!

“Great to work with, efficient, and cleaned up after the install. Would highly recommend.”


Sod Installation in Highcroft Neighborhood of Cary

Shady Yard Grass Built for Kids

Cary Neighborhood: Highcroft

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Shady mix

Lawn Challenge: They had been dealing with a messy Fescue backyard for years. The kids were getting older and playing sports more in the backyard, but the Fescue had constantly been dying out every summer. She wanted a solution that could handle the shade while also growing well with the kids playing on it.

Sod Type Recommendation: We recommended Zeon Zoysia due to the shade in addition to its ability to grow well under rougher conditions (kids playing).

Scope of Work: The backyard solution was simple as far as the turf was concerned. The trick was we needed to access the backyard with our heavy equipment. To remedy this, we also made sure to factor in the replacement of the Fescue in the side and front. On top of this, during the project, the client had mentioned they planned to do many yards of mulch upon completion of the project. Our team stepped in and covered the mulch installation on top of the grass too!

Interesting Challenge: The access was tricky in that our team had to trek back and forth on a tough slope with the sod, but they stuck through it and made it happen.

Project Highlights: The clients had pets, kids, and a beautiful backyard. They wanted to be able to set up their soccer goal and just couldn’t wait for Summer and the grass to root so they could truly enjoy it.

Golden Nugget: A funny story. The client called a couple of weeks after the installation concerned about many small holes through the new sod. Owner Ben came out to inspect and was stuck. He could not explain the reason for these tiny holes. But with a little closer, Ben found nuts in a hole. There had been squirrels who tried to take advantage of the loose sod to bury their nuts! We laughed about it and knew it would up only being a short-lived concern.

 “Ben and his team were a pleasure to work with! They were professional, easy to communicate with, and very friendly. They did an excellent job installing Zeon Zoysia in our yard while paying attention to our specific requests and concerns. I would highly recommend Peak Sodding!”


Sod Installation in Macarthur Park Neighborhood of Cary

Low Maintenance Yard for Kids

Cary Neighborhood: Macarthur Park

Project Location: Front Yard

Lawn Environment: Shady/Sun mix

Lawn Challenge: Their lawn was mostly dirt and weeds. They wanted some nice new ground cover for the kids to enjoy.

Sod Type Recommendation: We recommended Empire Zoysia due to the combination of shade, but their preference for something relatively lower maintenance. 

Scope of Work: The yard needed to be thoroughly smoothed out. There were a lot of rocks, roots, and hard clay that had to be cultivated and amended to provide a promising base for the new sod.

Interesting Challenge: The lawn originally was very mossy. If this isn’t amended, the moss can easily come back. So our team had to carefully make sure all the moss was properly removed and disposed of. Additionally, the roots in this lawn were brutal. We had to set aside a couple of hours with a couple of guys to just chop away at the excessive roots that had spread so widely throughout the lawn.

Project Highlights: We were able to present them an option that not only solved their immediate concerns but was able to do so within their budget and not break the bank on a high-end turf.

“Couldn’t grow any grass in the front of my yard and decided to get sod.   Had Peak Sodding provide a quote for bringing in soil & installation of sod.  Competitively priced and installed perfectly.  They cut the grass around flower beds and rock walls and had a nice clean line at the property line.  I would recommend them to anyone.”