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If you have a home or business property in Cary, NC with a lawn that has seen better days, sodding might be the right option for you. Sod installation can be an effective fast track to a beautiful, picture-perfect lawn!

Installing sod is often the best approach if you want to fill in missing spots on your lawn, fix imperfections, or just re-do the entire lawn. While this does carry a higher upfront cost relative to seeding, you can see immediate overnight results as opposed to having to wait anywhere from 1-2 years for a thick, lush lawn. Seeding also requires a lot more ongoing maintenance during the 1-2 year period where the lawn is getting established. Sodding not only delivers overnight results, but is established from the get go with only typical, minor maintenance required!

At Peak Sodding, we’re a family-owned small business located in the Triangle, but with a strong focus on serving home and business owners in Cary. We specialize in quality sod installation at reasonable rates. Since our focus is entirely on sod and sod installation in Cary, you get a specialized, targeted level of service that is custom tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our team of lawn care experts can work with you to figure out the perfect type of sod and sod installation strategy for your lawn in Cary, NC so that you end up with the picture-perfect lawn of your dreams!

The Peak Sodding Advantage

We make sure you get the perfect kind of grass sod for your specific property in Cary. We offer a variety of different options so that you end up with one that’s just right for your lawn. Also, we handle sod installation from start to finish. From lawn clearing and spreading compost, to tiling, to installing new sod on top and evening everything out, we ensure that every step of the sod installation process is seamlessly and comprehensively handled.

Since we specialize solely in sod and sod installation in Cary, we have a thorough understanding of the climate and precise soil conditions in Cary throughout the year. This means that we can select the perfect variety of sod that works best for your specific lawn, year-round!

We guarantee that we’ll provide results you’ll be thrilled with! Our goal is making sure that you get the lawn of your dreams right in time for the spring and summer!

Customer Testimonials

The lawn looks better than great. Neighbors are stopping when they and telling us what a difference the new grass makes. The work was super, the crew did a excellent job. One day of prep, less then a full day of laying the sod. Clean up was complete. Everything was most professional. I can’t stop looking at it. Great job. Thank you so much.

Jim L.

“Just wanted to say thanks to Ben and his crew for all the hard work they put into making our yard look so amazing. If your searching for quality work and prompt service, look no further. Ben’s knowledge of Zoysia and his vision of what my yard could look like was truly amazing. I’m getting excited just thinking about how awesome this project turned out. Thanks again guys!!”

Michael T.

“After dealing with the Fescue fiasco for nearly 20 years, I decided to give the folks at Peak Sodding a call. A great decision! Ben and his team responded promptly and carefully guided me through the turf selection process. Literally overnight, my front yard went from the least appealing to perhaps the most complimented yard in the neighborhood. Kudos to Peak Sodding for a job well done!”


Your Cary Property Deserves Luscious, Healthy Green Grass!

You deserve a lawn in Cary that you’re truly proud of, and in your case that might start with getting fresh sod installed. Our expert team offers sod installation with thorough attention to detail from start to finish. We pull out all the stops to make sure that your property gets healthy, luscious green grass that’s perfectly even, firmly rooted in the soil, and easy to maintain over time. Unlike seeding, with sodding there is no extensive ongoing maintenance. Getting fresh sod installed in Cary by Peak Sodding can truly transform the look of your lawn overnight!

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you get the picture-perfect, gorgeous lawn of your dreams, get in touch with us below! We can work with you hand in hand to make sure that we pick the ideal type of grass for your lawn so we can deliver unbeatable results! Whether you have a residential or a commercial property in Cary, NC, our team is up to the task of getting your lawn looking pristine!

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