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Sod Installation in Cary Neighborhood of Bent Creek

My Dog Is A Runner

Cary Neighborhood: Bent Creek

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Full sun

Lawn Challenge: His lawn had been torn up to just mud when I came out there. His dog was a runner and had destroyed the lawn. He wanted something that would not only fix the immediate muddiness, but also something that could tolerate the dog on his runs.

Giving this lawn a grass that his dog would love and wouldn’t puddle, die, or wear out.

Sod Type Recommendation: Our recommendation was a high-grade Bermuda. He wanted something that would tolerate the dog as well as something that wouldn’t require huge amounts of maintenance. TifTuf was ideal for this lawn.

Scope of Work: There were a few areas in need of a light grade to ensure water could flow properly away from the yard and not into puddles. We brought in soil and a well established, thick TifTuf Bermuda that would root quickly.

Interesting Challenge: A major challenge was the dog. We knew this dog was a runner, but we also knew the sod needed proper time to root free from the dog running. So with that, the homeowner was able to secure a plan for the dog to be with the in-laws for the installation period. Crisis averted. 🙂

Project Highlights: Yes. The client was very excited to finally have a great lawn they all could enjoy. He was also very pleased with the drainage solution through the grading so no more puddling would happen. Upon completion of the lawn, we found that the homeowner had just bought a new pup to add to the family. He couldn’t wait for both dogs to love this lawn!

Sod Installation in Cary Park

Give Me A Thick Lush Lawn Please

Cary Neighborhood: Cary Park

Project Location: Entire Yard

Lawn Environment: Full sun

Lawn Challenge: They had been dealing with scrappy Bermuda for years. Most of the neighbors had Bermuda, but they just wanted something that would grow thick.

Sod Type Recommendation: Our recommendation was to explore Zoysia. We gave them the option and they loved the way the Empire Zoysia looked.

Scope of Work: We needed to do a heavy kill on the Bermuda before anything else. This was done two weeks prior to the install with another done a week before the install to really ensure a complete kill. Once this was done, we could grade the property and get the lawn installed right.

Interesting Challenge: Dealing with Bermuda was a little crazy as its roots just run so deep, but we were able to successfully clear it out and make the subbase beautiful.

Project Highlights: They loved the Empire Zoysia recommendation. It fit all their needs and they loved the way it looked!

“Great to work with, efficient, and cleaned up after the install. Would highly recommend.”


Sod Installation in Highcroft Neighborhood of Cary

Shady Yard Grass Built for Kids

Cary Neighborhood: Highcroft

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Shady mix

Lawn Challenge: They had been dealing with a messy Fescue backyard for years. The kids were getting older and playing sports more in the backyard, but the Fescue had constantly been dying out every summer. She wanted a solution that could handle the shade while also growing well with the kids playing on it.

Sod Type Recommendation: We recommended Zeon Zoysia due to the shade in addition to its ability to grow well under rougher conditions (kids playing).

Scope of Work: The backyard solution was simple as far as the turf was concerned. The trick was we needed to access the backyard with our heavy equipment. To remedy this, we also made sure to factor in the replacement of the Fescue in the side and front. On top of this, during the project, the client had mentioned they planned to do many yards of mulch upon completion of the project. Our team stepped in and covered the mulch installation on top of the grass too!

Interesting Challenge: The access was tricky in that our team had to trek back and forth on a tough slope with the sod, but they stuck through it and made it happen.

Project Highlights: The clients had pets, kids, and a beautiful backyard. They wanted to be able to set up their soccer goal and just couldn’t wait for Summer and the grass to root so they could truly enjoy it.

Golden Nugget: A funny story. The client called a couple of weeks after the installation concerned about many small holes through the new sod. Owner Ben came out to inspect and was stuck. He could not explain the reason for these tiny holes. But with a little closer, Ben found nuts in a hole. There had been squirrels who tried to take advantage of the loose sod to bury their nuts! We laughed about it and knew it would up only being a short-lived concern.

 “Ben and his team were a pleasure to work with! They were professional, easy to communicate with, and very friendly. They did an excellent job installing Zeon Zoysia in our yard while paying attention to our specific requests and concerns. I would highly recommend Peak Sodding!”


Sod Installation in Macarthur Park Neighborhood of Cary

Low Maintenance Yard for Kids

Cary Neighborhood: Macarthur Park

Project Location: Front Yard

Lawn Environment: Shady/Sun mix

Lawn Challenge: Their lawn was mostly dirt and weeds. They wanted some nice new ground cover for the kids to enjoy.

Sod Type Recommendation: We recommended Empire Zoysia due to the combination of shade, but their preference for something relatively lower maintenance. 

Scope of Work: The yard needed to be thoroughly smoothed out. There were a lot of rocks, roots, and hard clay that had to be cultivated and amended to provide a promising base for the new sod.

Interesting Challenge: The lawn originally was very mossy. If this isn’t amended, the moss can easily come back. So our team had to carefully make sure all the moss was properly removed and disposed of. Additionally, the roots in this lawn were brutal. We had to set aside a couple of hours with a couple of guys to just chop away at the excessive roots that had spread so widely throughout the lawn.

Project Highlights: We were able to present them an option that not only solved their immediate concerns but was able to do so within their budget and not break the bank on a high-end turf.

“Couldn’t grow any grass in the front of my yard and decided to get sod.   Had Peak Sodding provide a quote for bringing in soil & installation of sod.  Competitively priced and installed perfectly.  They cut the grass around flower beds and rock walls and had a nice clean line at the property line.  I would recommend them to anyone.”


Sod Installation in Cary NC's Giverny neighborhood.

Clean Cuts to Match the Landscape

Cary Neighborhood: Giverny

Project Location: Entire Yard

Lawn Environment: Sunny/Shady mix

Lawn Challenge: The client reached out to us after she had just wrapped up a beautiful backyard project. The challenge was her lawn had been somewhat terrorized by the machinery and foot traffic in order to have her landscape done and what was remaining was a barren, patchy and weedy property.

Sod Type Recommendation: Elite Tall Fescue

Scope of Work: Our team was contracted to step in, remove the entirety of the existing lawn, till the soil, add topsoil, and lay the sod. One of the most important steps for the homeowner was making sure that the layout of the lawn meshed well with the shaping and layout of the landscape. Our team was very careful to ensure our cuts were clean, the shaping was smooth, and finally, we completed a final walkthrough with our client to ensure everything was installed to her satisfaction! 

Interesting Challenge: One of the unique aspects of the project was that a portion of her landscape was left incomplete. Due to the grade of the yard, there was some severe puddling remaining after her landscape installation. Our team made sure to build the lawn in such a way that created a space where she could install a dry riverbed through the yard. This allowed for the water problem to not be detrimental to the condition of the lawn. 

Project Highlights: Peak Sodding was very excited to be a part of this project. The client was a pleasure to work alongside through its entirety. The highlight was the completion. Knowing that she was so excited to finally have her dream landscape built, our part coming in with the sod was just the final touch to give her the freedom to enjoy it.

Sod Installation in Cary's Wellsley Neighborhood

Remove the Bushes and Expand the Yard

Cary Neighborhood: Wellsley

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Mostly sun

Lawn Challenge: The homeowners reached out to Peak Sodding after experiencing some unfortunate situations with their lawn. Their back lawn sod had been dying out for quite some while. They were left with an overgrowth of weeds, dead patches, and an overcrowded backyard due to some bushes that had grown too out of control. 

Sod Type Recommendation: TifTuf Bermuda

Scope of Work: The homeowners desired to bring the lawn back and extend the entire lawn area as much as possible. They wanted a large safe space for the kids and pets to enjoy without feeling cramped within their own backyard. Peak Sodding completely removed and disposed of the surrounding bushes and graded the area to a flat and smooth surface. Afterward, the crew began the TifTuf Bermuda installation leaving a beautiful, clean surface for the family to enjoy.

Interesting Challenge: Removing bushes can always come with some risk. Our crew needs to ensure the entire root bulbs were properly excavated and disposed of. Otherwise, they can often decay over time leaving ugly and unsafe dips in your lawn. We made sure with each bush removed that it was complete and absolute. Then went back with the machinery to pack down new soil allowing for the surface to maintain a smooth and even flowing appearance. 

Project Highlights: One of the most exciting features of the TifTuf Bermuda is just how quickly it is able to root. Within the first two weeks, the grass was very well established to the point where even the lines between the rolls of sod were barely noticeable. The homeowners couldn’t have been happier to enjoy their lawn much sooner than they had anticipated!

Sod Installation in Cary's Old Salem Neighborhood

A Bumpy, Clumpy Dirty Lawn Makeover

Cary Neighborhood: Old Salem

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Full Sun

Lawn Challenge: The client reached out to us with an extreme concern for the condition of her lawn. She had sod installed over a year prior that had never successfully rooted and left a bumpy, clumped up, and dirty lawn. She had a large Doberman by the name of Sergio who LOVED to play and leaving the lawn in the condition it was would have been incredibly difficult.

Sod Type Recommendation: Tiftuf Bermuda

Scope of Work: Our team had to first remove the old, dead sod and focus our efforts heavily on smoothing out the surface of the lawn. A key goal for her was to have an even lawn so that her dog could freely enjoy it.

Interesting Challenge: One of the challenges we came across with this lawn was that it was a townhome. This meant access was very tricky to get from the front to the back. We had to strategically access the backyard by using a street behind the home where we would access the yard to transport the sod.

Project Highlights:  This was a dormant install. This meant incredible attention to making sure Kelly knew what would be required to make this successful. We were ecstatic to receive a positive email from her nearly a month following the installation that stated “parts of her lawn had taken off…and it looks wonderful”!

Positive Project Review for Sod Installation
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Splotchy Grass After Years of Trial and Error

Cary Neighborhood: Preston Village

Project Location: Front and side yard

Lawn Environment: Shady/sun Mix

Lawn Challenge: The homeowner reached out to Peak Sodding after years of trial and error with his Cary lawn. He had multiple seasons of attempting to promote his lawn from seed and eventually his lawn only continued to deteriorate.

Sod Type Recommendation: Elite Tall Fescue

Scope of Work: After a Peak Sodding lawn assessment, it became clear that a full renovation would make the most sense. 

Due to the shade as well as some recent work the homeowner had done, the lawn remaining was primarily weeds and some splotchy grass. We had to assess exactly how much sun certain areas of the lawn received to ensure the areas we were covering with fresh sod could actually get the necessary amount of sunlight they needed. 

Interesting Challenge: Our team ran into an interesting element in that the property was surrounded by pine trees. Pine trees are unique in that they carry with them a very acidic nature. Over time, this will break down into the soil and cause a very unbalanced environment for the grass to grow properly. This meant soil preparation would be a critical step to making this a successful sod installation. We brought with us a heavy layer of soil as well as granulated limestone. Limestone has high alkalinity to it which assists in balancing out the otherwise unbalanced PH created by the pine. By making this step, we could feel confident the sod would have more than enough healthy soil to grow into safely.

Project Highlights: This installation went smoother than ever. We were able to smoothly grade out the property and provide a beautiful green Fescue sod for the homeowner to enjoy! The homeowner was ecstatic to finally have a lawn he and his family could be fully proud of. He couldn’t wait to set up the sprinklers and begin giving the new sod all the necessary water to survive. The project was beautiful upon completion.


Zeon Zoysia Sod Installation in Iron Gate neighborhood of Cary.

A Lawn With Only Morning Sun

Cary Neighborhood: Iron Gate

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment:  The backyard is heavily shaded most of the day with the morning sun.

Lawn Challenge: The client was looking for a yard where their kids can run around safely and they can enjoy the view while spending time in the backyard.

Sod Type Recommendation: We recommended Zeon Zoysia as it is the most shade-tolerant warm-season grass that will choke out weeds, will not require too much maintenance, and looks beautiful and thick.

Scope of Work: This yard had already received a rough grade prior to our team coming out, but it still needed quite a bit of work to ensure the surface was smooth and flat for the sake of the kids playing on it. We spread the topsoil surface, fertilized the soil, and installed the sod. Finally, the team rolled it all out to even the surface once more.

Interesting Challenge: There was a day full of heavy rain prior to the installation date so the area where we were installing was extremely muddy and on a slope and so hard to work in that area. In spite of this difficult challenge our guys were able to make it work and the lawn came out beautifully.

Project Highlights:  Recommended keeping a border around for mulch around the fence, and a wider mulch/ natural area on the far side of the yard along the fence because that area may be too shaded.

Positive Project Review for Sod Installation
Cary's Carpenter Village Sod Installation

A Lawn With Weeds

Cary Neighborhood: Carpenter Village

Project Location:  Backyard and right side

Lawn Environment:   They have partial shade and have had Zeon Zoysia but after using a level mix product they noticed a significant amount of Poa Annua taking over their lawn.

Lawn Challenge: They would like for us to completely tear out the existing lawn killing off all the active weeds.

Sod Type Recommendation: We agreed with the Baumanns that the best approach to tackle their concerns would be to completely kill off the existing lawn and begin fresh. Zeon Zoysia will still be the best option for grass type as it is renowned for its durability, resilience, and aesthetic appeal. Its fine texture and shade tolerance will meet their needs.

Scope of Work: With precision and expertise our team sculpted the land, gently shaping it to facilitate the proper water drainage.

Interesting Challenge: Regrettably some of the rolls delivered by our trusted supplier were inadvertently infested with some weeds. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, we took swift action to rectify the problem and had those rolls replaced immediately. Our supplier was just as committed to excellence and client satisfaction as we are. Although this is not an ideal situation, it may happen on rare occasions as it is inevitable to come across some weeds ever so often. 

Highcroft Cary Installation of Zeon Zoysia

Replace A Weak Bermuda Due To Lack of Sun

Cary Neighborhood: Highcroft

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment:  The lawn environment for this project consists of a mix of mostly sunny and partially shaded areas, with the majority of the ground being bare dirt. This is due to the limited sunlight caused by the shade from the house and the surrounding environment.

Lawn Challenge: Our client has been working with a landscape designer to beautify the landscape around her home. They moved in a few years ago and the backyard had very weak Bermuda with many bare areas due to the lack of sun because the house provides a lot of shade. They would like for us to install grass that will meet their needs while thriving in the elements of the area such as shade and moisture retention.

Project Success Criteria: The client’s primary request for project success is to establish a lush lawn that can thrive within the unique conditions of her backyard. The challenge lies in the area’s shade and water retention issues.

Sod Type Recommendation: After careful evaluation, we recommended the installation of Zeon Zoysia grass. This recommendation was based on the grass’s exceptional shade tolerance and its robust recovery capabilities, which is particularly crucial since the client has both a dog and children.

Scope of Work: Our recommendation involved the installation of Zeon Zoysia grass, known for its adaptability to shade and its ability to flourish in damp environments.

Interesting Challenge: An interesting challenge we encountered was the limited accessibility to the backyard project site. Situated on the far side of the yard and accessible only through a small gate, this posed difficulties in transporting the necessary soil and sod. We had to factor in the additional time needed for soil and sod transportation, as well as debris removal.

Interesting Insight: An interesting insight about the client is her strong commitment to creating a harmonious outdoor space for her family, including both her kids and her dog. This deep connection to her family’s enjoyment of the space influenced her desire to address the bare and patchy lawn, aiming for a more appealing and functional backyard.

Successful Installation: The installation was successful. The client’s approval and satisfaction were confirmed through a thorough review of the completed project. Their expressed happiness with the outcome was a clear indicator of the project’s success in meeting their expectations.

Cary's Carpenter Village Sod Installation

Replace A Weak Bermuda Due To Lack of Sun

Cary Neighborhood: Glenridge

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Recent removal of sizable trees has transformed the majority of the backyard from a natural area covered with pine straw and weeds. The ground surface is very uneven.

Lawn Challenge: Our client has requested a backyard leveling project to eliminate the issue of standing water during heavy rainfall. They have asked us to extend a drainage pipe and direct it towards the natural area. Also, install Zeon Zoysia like the rest of their lawn.

Project Success Criteria: Our client’s priority is to establish a flourishing lawn across the entirety of their backyard, suitable for Zeon Zoysia’s growth. However, an exception is made for a border adjacent to the flagstone path due to insufficient sunlight, which renders it unsuitable for sod survival.

Sod Type Recommendation: To achieve the desired outcome, we recommend intensive tilling and leveling to ensure a uniformly smooth ground surface. This involves thorough removal of any residual tree roots remaining from the tree removal process. We intend to disperse the soil pile that had accumulated in a single area, creating a more even distribution and adding a few yards of compost to amend the current soil.

Scope of Work: Our recommendation involves heavy tilling and leveling of the ground, accompanied by meticulous removal of any lingering tree roots. Additionally, the redistribution of soil will rectify uneven mounds. These efforts will create a solid foundation for the subsequent installation of the sod.

Interesting Challenge: During the project, we faced a unique challenge as rain started coming down while we were in the middle of the installation. Our team didn’t let the rain stop them – they carried on working through the light drizzle, took a short break during the heavier showers, and then got back to it once the rain let up. This really highlighted our dedication to finishing the project, even when the weather threw us a curveball.

Interesting Insight: An intriguing insight about our client is her hands-on involvement. She independently installed a section of her lawn, showcasing her skill and dedication. Her remarkable work on the side lawn, alongside her effective maintenance of the Zeon Zoysia, illustrates her commitment to achieving an exceptional outdoor environment.

Successful Installation: The installation was successful, culminating in a level and well-drained backyard ready for enjoyment.

Golden Nuggets: The completion of the project has granted our client the ability to fully relish their transformed backyard space, free from standing water and accentuated by lush, healthy Zeon Zoysia sod. 

Cary Carpenter Village Zeon Zoysia Sod Installation

Thinning and Intrusion of Weeds

Cary Neighborhood: Carpenter Village

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Our client had Bermuda in her backyard that came with the home and was facing challenges with thinning patches and the intrusion of weeds in those sparse areas. The Bermuda was thinning out due to not enough direct sunlight. 

Lawn Challenge: The client was looking for grass that will grow in a partially shady area, be resistant to weeds, and overall achieve a beautiful and revitalized lawn.

Sod Type Recommendation: Choosing the appropriate sod variety is pivotal in achieving a thriving lawn, especially in partially shaded areas. While Bermuda grass is known for its sun-loving nature, certain varieties are better suited for moderate shade tolerance which is why we recommended Zeon Zoysia. It is a remarkable sod variety known for its shade tolerance and lush green appearance. 

Scope of Work: Proper soil preparation is essential for sod installation, particularly when dealing with problem areas such as thinning patches and weed growth. We thoroughly examined the soil, removing any debris or weeds, and then proceeded to till and amend it. By providing adequate drainage, nutrients, and a loose soil structure, we created an optimal environment for the sod to establish its roots and thrive. To add the final touch and a clean finish we installed some fresh designer brown mulch in the beds to the left and right sides in the backyard.

Interesting Challenge: Our client’s important request was to minimize any potential disruption to the neighbor’s yard, we took extra precautions to prepare the pathway. We ensured that our crew would take a longer path around to prevent damage to the neighbor’s property.

Project Highlights:  We received a glowing email from the client that read “Thanks so much Iris, for all of your valuable information and time with this project. I know it was a small job for you but to me, it means everything. It’s beautiful and I’m willing to bet I have the best backyard in the neighborhood! Ben, thanks for the use of the timer. It worked great on day one and is so helpful and time-saving for me. Your entire team was amazing and I have no hesitation in referring you to other homeowners for their lawn and garden needs. I’m so glad I selected you for my backyard renewal and wish you all the best.”

Cary's Carpenter Village Sod Installation

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Cary Neighborhood: Plantation Estates

Project Location: Front yard

Lawn Environment: Afternoon sun

Lawn Challenge: Lawn overgrown with weeds on a slope.

Sod Type Recommendation: Zeon Zoysia, a shade-tolerant warm-season grass that will help choke weeds out and has much lower maintenance than fescue.

What Will It Take To Love Your Lawn? A low-maintenance grass.


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