Dogs, kids, or just the envy of the neighborhood?

Peak Sodding is the Sod Installer of Southern Wake County focused on solving lawn challenges to give homeowners a lawn they’ll love. Weeds, bare patches, and mud can all be solved with Green Grass Growth, our sod installation approach!

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The Right Sod for Your Lawn

What’s your lawn challenge? Lack of sunlight, too much sun or heavy traffic from a dog or two?

Peak Sodding solves lawn challenges by selecting, then installing, the right sod for the lawn environment. 

  • Sod for Shady Lawns
  • Sod for Full Sun Lawns
  • Sod for Partial Shade
  • Hearty Sod for Dogs
  • Best Grass for High Traffic Yard

Let us help guide you to the right sod grass selection for your lawn challenge. Schedule an At-Home Estimate with us today and we will consult with you to determine the right sod for your lawn.

Get The Best-Looking Yard On The Block

Lawn challenges are frustrating. Whether you are facing a full-on weed invasion or struggle to get grass to grow, it takes expertise to be the envy of the neighborhood.

Peak Sodding has solved even the most frustrating lawn challenges for homeowners with Green Grass Growth.

Find out why we’re the sod installer you’ve been looking for.

Let’s Makeover Your Lawn With Sod

Installing fresh, quality sod is the fastest way to transform your lawn from blah to beautiful. Check out the lawns we’ve transformed around town for our customers.

Sod Installation in Forest Springs

Sod Installations in Holly Springs

Check out our latest projects in the Holly Springs’ neighborhoods of Sunset Ridge, Sunset Oaks, Holly Glen, and Twelve Oaks.

Apex Sod Installation Zeon

Sod Installations in Apex

Check out our latest projects in Apex neighborhoods of Scotts Hill, Indian Trails, Sandy Springs, Seagroves Farms, and Historic Apex.

Fuquay Varina Sod Installation of Zeon Zoysia

Sod Installations in Fuquay Varina

Check out our latest projects in the Fuquay Varina neighborhood of South Lakes.

Cary Sod Installation of Zeon Zoysia

Sod Installations in Cary

Check out our latest projects in the Cary neighborhoods of Bent Creek, Cary Park, Macarthur Park, Highcroft, Giverny, Wellsley, and Preston Village.

Sod Installation in Raleigh's Wyntree Neighborhood

Sod Installations in Raleigh

Check out our latest projects in the Raleigh neighborhoods of Wyntree, Yates Mill and Laneridge.

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Will Your Lawn Makeover Be Next?

We offer sod installation services to homeowners looking to solve lawn challenges across Southern Wake County. If you’re ready for a lawn makeover, contact us today!

Sod Installer with Best Sod from Local Sod Farmers

Learn Why Quality Sod Sourcing Matters

At Peak Sodding, quality sod sourcing helps us deliver green grass growth. Due to the rising costs associated with sod farming, transportation, and labor, our quality sod sourcing process is critical. 

Our process starts with inspecting and testing turf types at sod farms across NC for our homeowners. Going into each season, we identify the area’s sod farmers that we believe are capable of supplying high-quality sod consistently for our homeowners. We identify the sod farmers that offer well-cut rolls with good color and fertilization and select them as our sourcing partners for the season.

The Homeowner Benefits of a Sod Installation Specialty

At Peak Sodding, we specialize in sod installation. Our specialization in laying sod has given us the opportunity to oversee hundreds of sod installation projects.

Dos and Don’ts of Laying Sod

Having seen it all – contractor’s mistakes to poor quality sod grass – we know the Dos and Don’ts of laying sod and use our sodding expertise to provide homeowners with the winning formula for a successful sod installation. We’ll educate you on the range of sod grass varieties and offer a fair price for the sod and installation work you desire. Since each job is different, service recommendations are given specifically to your needs, sod grass preferences, and your lawn environment. 

Honest, Reliable, Communicative Sod Installers

Getting it done is your request, getting it done right is our solution. We have assembled a team of trained sod installers that have a desire to leave a positive mark on the community and are committed to doing right by you.

Sod Installer with Green Grass Growth in Southern Wake County

Green Grass Growth

Green Grass Growth, our sod installation approach, is the result of fixing yards across Southern Wake County and learning each time how to do it just a little bit better. The experience we’ve gained, after the completion of hundreds of installs, led Owner Ben Schneider to systemize the process and deploy it consistently on every job. Our fine-tuned approach to sod installation is called Green Grass Growth. Learn how we fix homeowners’ challenges today with Green Grass Growth!

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