Sod Solutions Specialist Shannon Hathaway

Taking a card from her dad’s playbook, Shannon’s hobby became her profession. Learn more about the wealth of knowledge she brings to Peak Sodding along with a little dirt under her nails.

Family lessons led to a passion pursuit

Growing up in a small town, West Brookfield, Massachusetts, Shannon received early lessons from her mother on how to properly care for almost everything!

Taking care of horses, dogs, cats, gardens and fruit trees laid the foundation for what would become her profession.

Fast forward to adulthood and Shannon chose to take the example her father set and pursued her hobby as a career.

Shannon brings 25+ years of experience in landscaping and agriculture in the greater Raleigh area to the Peak Sodding team.

Peak Sodding's Shannon Hathaway

A landscape is an outdoor art project

With a natural love for the outdoors, Shannon brings endless enthusiasm for nature. Shannon sees every landscape as a large, outdoor art project! She loves a good outcome and focuses on making our outdoor projects the best they can be.

Having studied landscape horticulture at NCSU and working and running landscape programs (including her own company, Green Heron Landscaping, before it was sold in 2013), Shannon brings her expertise to Peak Sodding to ensure we can make grass grow for homeowners!

My superpower is my enthusiasm for Nature. Trees, flowers, lawns, vegetables, dogs, cats, farm animals, and wild animals make me happy! My hands are calloused and there is always a little soil under my nails.

Shannon Can Make It Grow

A few years ago, Shannon purchased the grandmother’s house and half an acre of land from a Chatham County farm. Today, it’s a small hobby farm with a 1600-square-foot vegetable garden.

To really understand why Shannon can make it grow, you’ll want to know why gardening is her pride and joy!

Read more from Shannon with “Gardening is in my Roots“.

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