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Sod Installation South Lakes Fuquay Varina NC

Two Turf  Types for Home’s Lawn

Fuquay Varina Neighborhood: South Lakes

Project Location: Front yard, Backyard

Lawn Environment: Front yard sunny/shade mix, Backyard mostly shade on a slope

Lawn Challenge: The client reached out to us to fix up his backyard after having some landscape work done. He wanted something that could handle the shade with good color. His front yard had also been a constant battle with trying to promote Fescue. The client was looking for the best sod solution for his front lawn to have a better curb appeal with low maintenance.

Sod Type Recommendation: After an assessment, Peak Sodding decided that committing the entire front to Bermuda was the best course of action. The backyard was a different story due to the environment. We recommended Fescue based upon the client’s preferences and the fact that the heavy shade would make it a challenge for anything else.

Scope of Work: We needed to clear out the existing grass to bare dirt. Once this was complete, our team had to ensure that the surface areas were evenly spread with topsoil allowing the sod to sit on smooth surfaces. Once the sod was inspected and laid, our team safely stapled the sod on the slope to ensure everything was securely held to the ground.

Interesting Challenge: It is not often that we will recommend two different turf types, but the conditions the homeowner faced in his yard made it the best solution we could offer. The backyard slope was definitely tough but our team had worked through this before and quickly ensured everything was done precisely and according to our process.

Project Highlights: After installation, the client’s lawn came in wonderfully and was very happy with the final product. 

“Last month I wanted my backyard sodded with Fescue and the front with Bermuda. I contacted peak sodding and worked out the details with Ben. Ben is very professional and timely with coming out to give me the estimate and to get me on the schedule. The crew showed up…on time…were professional…polite and cleaned up prior to leaving. If you are considering getting sodding done I would highly recommend peak sodding for their professionalism and their pricing overall it was a great experience.”


Sod Installation in Fuquay Varina South Lakes HighfillSod Installation Fuquay Varina Highfill

Seeking Green Grass To Enjoy

Fuquay Varina Neighborhood: South Lakes

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Sunny/shade mix

Lawn Challenge: The client reached out to us looking to get a lawn resodded with Tall Fescue.

Sod Type Recommendation: While installing Fescue in the Summer can be very risky, we wanted to make sure that not only was the client fully aware of the risk, but also feel confident we could successfully install following the proper steps. Upon seeing the lawn, we also determined that installing a French drain would be a key factor in the success of this job.

Scope of Work: Understanding the risk of the Fescue, we made sure to do a thorough pre-kill and soil cultivation. A full layer of topsoil was brought in and a french drain has installed the length of the yard. Finally, the sod was laid on top after evening the soil out.

Interesting Challenge: The drainage was a key factor in a successful installation. We realized a huge reason for the lawn failing before was due to a severe erosion/washout problem.

Project Highlights: The clients loved their outdoor living space. The lawn was the last step to making their garden, patio area experience truly refreshing. They love now spending time on the lawn without dreading the sight of it. 

Fuquay Varina Old Mills Neighborhood Sod Installation

Large Muddy, Rocky, Ugly Backyard Transformation

Fuquay Varina Neighborhood: Old Mills

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Full sun

Lawn Challenge: The client reached out to us with a very common predicament. Their home was a new construction where the builders had laid sod throughout the front yard but left the backyard completely untouched. This wasn’t your ordinary cookie-cutter lawn either. This was a large area and they were frustrated with their extremely muddy, rocky, and ugly backyard.

Sod Type Recommendation: After an assessment, Peak Sodding decided Tiftuf Bermuda was the best for the lawn environment.

Scope of Work: The Peak Sodding team made sure soil conditions were optimal for installation. This meant putting some real work into the compact clay, the rocks, and bringing new soil in. By the time the prep was done, our installers got to work making sure the sod was placed neatly and cut naturally to the shape of the yard. Everything was rolled out, cleaned up and excess was disposed of leaving the homeowners with a brand new, beautiful space for the kids, pets, and family to love. 

Interesting Challenge: One of the unique things Peak Sodding came across wasn’t terribly uncommon, but it certainly presents an interesting challenge which was yard access. You see, even with a great big backyard like this one, the gates in their fence simply weren’t wide enough. Even still, if we came through the front yard, our equipment would be tearing up the existing sod to get to the back. Instead, we decided to go along the side street that was parallel to the backyard. We were able to safely remove a fence panel which created enough space for our equipment to drive through. When the project was complete, we simply replaced the fence panel securely back into its original place.

Project Highlights: During the final walkthrough, the father just expressed just how much this project meant to him. From the frustrations they had prior to having a lawn, to being able to see their young daughter finally being able to play in her new grass, it was clear this lawn was incredibly important to this family. 

“Ben and the team at Peak Sodding did an absolutely amazing job on our yard. To say that we were satisfied is an understatement. Perhaps the biggest selling point of using Peak Sodding is that Ben has what is proverbially known as ‘skin in the game’. This is his business, one that he started on his own volition. His reputation is on the line with every job and, as such, he goes above and beyond to provide not just an excellent price/quality ratio but superb customer service. The aforementioned price/quality ratio and superb customer service from Ben are the basis for a 5 star rating for Peak Sodding.


Fuquay Varina Kingston Wood Neighborhood Sod Installation

Weeds Galore!

Fuquay Varina Neighborhood: Kingston Wood

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Full sun

Lawn Challenge: The client’s yard was extremely overgrown when we first showed up. Between sandy soil, weeds galore, and a poorly seeded new construction lawn, the yard needed work. The ultimate goal was to create a space for the client’s kids to enjoy without all the messy, tall weeds.

Sod Type Recommendation: Tiftuf Bermuda was the best choice for the lawn environment.

Scope of Work:  Our team wrote out a game plan to first scalp the lawn and spray the heavy weedage throughout. Once the kill had run its course, we began clearing everything off the surface. Soil was brought in to create a very smooth and healthy base for the new sod to root into. Finally, the sod was laid and the homeowner was free to begin watering!

Interesting Challenge: A unique element was the neighborhood itself. These homes were built on a very strange county line that had major watering restrictions, as well as incredibly weak water pressure. This meant while planting the sod wouldn’t be a problem, it would require constant attention to ensure the sod could root successfully. The solution! A highly drought-resistant turf, with major topsoil amendments to enhance moisture retention. Finally, a special water pump system to create added water pressure to ensure this sod would be watered thoroughly.

Project Highlights: The Plan! With greatly improved odds of success, the game plan helped all go beautifully!