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Sun and Shade

Clayton Neighborhood: Lee Forest

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: The backyard experiences a mix of direct sunlight and shade. In shaded areas, significant soil erosion has occurred, leading to weak and bare grass coverage across most of the lawn.

Lawn Challenge: The client’s request involves addressing the erosion issue caused by water runoff from downspouts. They want the water to be channeled to a natural area. Additionally, they seek a grass type that thrives in both sun and shade while requiring minimal maintenance.

Sod Type Recommendation: First, we recommended countering the erosion by bringing in double the amount of topsoil and fill dirt than typically recommended. This extra soil would help elevate the eroded portions to match the rest of the lawn’s level. Second, we recommended the grass type Zeon Zoysia. This choice was based on the grass’s ability to tolerate shade and its low maintenance requirements.

Project Success Criteria: It was extremely important for our client that we bring in enough soil to build up a lot of what has eroded away.

Scope of Work: The proposed scope of work includes bringing in additional topsoil and fill dirt to rectify the erosion issue. Additionally, the suggestion is to install Zeon Zoysia grass due to its suitability for the given environment.

Interesting Challenge: An interesting challenge encountered during the project was that the initially available fill dirt wasn’t sufficient to achieve the desired level. To meet the client’s expectations, an extra trip was made to acquire the necessary fill dirt.

Interesting Insight: The client, a widow for a few years, primarily works from home but also travels for business. Her late husband used to handle tasks like mowing and other home projects. She relies on her supportive neighbors for assistance with these tasks.

Successful Installation:  The installation was successful, indicating that the erosion issue was effectively addressed, and the Zeon Zoysia grass was laid successfully.

tiftuf bermuda sod installation fuquay varina
tiftuf bermuda sod installation fuquay varina