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Sod Installation in Meadow Ridge Neighborhood of Holly Springs

Overgrowth of Weeds in Backyard

Holly Springs Neighborhood: Meadow Ridge

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Full Sun

Lawn Challenge: The client had an overgrowth of weeds in their small backyard. Wanted some grass that would withstand the sun and not require huge amounts of work to keep healthy.

Sod Type Recommendation: The recommendation was a Northbridge Bermuda grass.

Scope of Work: We recommended the Northbridge Bermuda grass with an extensive soil overhaul of this area. It was important to keep the base loose and well-prepped for the new sod to be successful.

Interesting Challenge: The weeds in this lawn were very thick. Being able to clear them was a definite challenge that took a lot of elbow grease to ensure a nice, smooth surface.

Project Highlights: The client trusted that the sod would allow them to finally enjoy this backyard area without having to tiptoe around weeds.

Sod Installation in Forest Springs Neighborhood of Holly Springs

Barefoot in the Backyard

Holly Springs Neighborhood: Forest Springs

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Full Sun

Lawn Challenge: He had a patchy lawn, filled with weeds. He wanted something thick, lush, and perfect for barefoot soccer. He loved the idea of the barefoot grass. Something thick, plush, and soft so he could run around barefoot was very important to him.

Sod Type Recommendation: Northbridge Bermuda. This turf is known for its great athletic field performance.

Scope of Work: We needed to make sure the soil base was optimal for this type of sod. This meant killing the heavy amount of weeds prior to the install. Once they were dead, we moved forward with the standard prep, soil, and sod.

Interesting Challenge: The soil base was a very tough clay. This required additional attention to loosen up and allow for easy rooting.

Project Highlights: The client’s wife was expecting a baby within a very short amount of time. He very much so wanted this done before the baby came. The due date of the baby wound up being the day of the installation. This was super exciting, and fortunately, the baby didn’t come until a few days later. So instead of a baby on the due date, they got a brand new lawn!

“Great experience from start to finish! Excellent work and a well-done job that we as homeowners are thrilled with. Was easy to communicate with and made sure all of the little details were taken care of. Would work with them again in a heartbeat!”


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Tired of Dirt, Rocks, and Roots

Holly Springs Neighborhood: Sunset Oaks

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Sun/Shade

Lawn Challenge: The client was tired of the dirt, rocks, and roots covering their backyard. Over time, the lawn had deteriorated into nothing. They wanted something thick and low maintenance that they could enjoy looking at and walking on. Customer also had two small dogs that he was sick of having to always wipe the mud off their paws after a rainstorm. By getting the new sod, they would no longer have to constantly worry about mud around the house.

Sod Type Recommendation: After an assessment, we recommended TifTuf Bermuda. The lawn had some minor shade and needed something that could grow aggressively through the tough soil underneath. TifTuf was a perfect option.

Scope of Work: With the TifTuf Bermuda as the turf, we then needed to ensure the lawn conditions were optimal for the new sod. New 50/50 soil was brought to give a soft, nutrient-rich base and finally, smoothed out to provide a great even surface free of bumps, rocks, and dips.

Interesting Challenge: The client had a tree removed prior to the sod installation. Our patient installation team took the time to carefully go through to chop out the roots.

Project Highlights: The client had been referred by a large lawn care provider so they were aware that their situation was one that only sod could fix. A lower maintenance sod that would grow well was key and our recommendation for a successful installation pleased the client . 

“I highly recommend Peak Sodding. Ben came out and did a fantastic job of communicating to us about the best options for getting our backyard lawn back. He took the time to answer our questions and concerns. His team came out and tore out the old, dead lawn and laid in the new one. When they ran out of sod, they came back with more to finish the job. Ben stopped by a couple of weeks later to make sure it was being cared for properly and to answer a few other questions. All in all, a fantastic job by Ben and his team! Thank you, Peak Sodding!”


Steiner Sod Installation in Forest Spring Neighborhood of Holly Springs

High Traffic Soccer Solution 

Holly Springs Neighborhood: Forest Springs

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Full Sun

Lawn Challenge: The client had a dirt backyard. High traffic from kids necessitated something that would stop the muddiness.

Sod Type Recommendation: Northbridge Bermuda due to its exceptional thickness and tolerance of wear and tear.

Scope of Work: Proper soil prep and sod choice made the scope of work simple. Clear, spread soil, install sod. The rest was a piece of cake.

Interesting Challenge: The clay soil was tough, but with the proper attention, the team loosened it up so the sod would have easy rooting.

Project Highlights: This project was one of our favorite installations to date! The lawn was essentially a backyard soccer field. Knowing this, we made sure the sod choice was one that was known for its exceptional athletic field performance was a no-brainer. 

“We tried for almost five years to put a lawn in our backyard ourselves and we decided to sod this spring and we now finally have a nice yard for our kids and dog to play in. Best decision ever and wish we didn’t wait so long to call this team!”


Steiner Sod Installation in Forest Spring Neighborhood of Holly Springs

Sun-Tracking Technology Solves the Challenge

Holly Springs Neighborhood: Twelve Oaks

Project Location: Front and Back

Lawn Environment: Full Sun in the front, Partial Sun in the back

Lawn Challenge:  The client reached out to us after some extended frustration with his backyard. They had tried numerous times to seed, water, treat and bring their lawn to life. But it was in a constant cycle of growing well, but then dying shortly after. It would burn out in the Summer and have terrible luck growing in the Fall.

Sod Type Recommendation: After our consultation, we decided that we needed to opt for grass that would tolerate the frustrating backyard conditions. We chose Tiftuf Bermuda as the perfect, low-maintenance, and drought-tolerant variety. They were so ecstatic for the grass, they opted to do the front yard as well to match up.

Scope of Work: Our team got to work removing the existing turf and smoothing the new topsoil out to a beautifully clean surface. One of the unique parts of this job was the timing. Bermuda was still green, but the Winter dormancy was right around the corner. We had to ensure that the homeowners were fully prepared to care for their investment. They opted for a 6-month warranty protection for their turf so they could feel completely confident in their investment.

Interesting Challenge: One of the more unfortunate realities we are often faced with is internet cables that are buried too shallow. As a result, we will on occasion cut a cable during our preparation time clearing the old lawn. Especially in this day and age of working from home, this can be a worst-case scenario if we aren’t prepared. 

This happened with the homeowners’ property. Our team immediately went to work and made sure the wire wasn’t completely ruined and salvaged both ‘working’ ends of the cable. The good news is our team is equipped and able to fix cables in these situations. Our foreman got to work and within an hour, we had the internet back up and running. The clients were able to get back to work with peace of mind that they wouldn’t have to wait days before this situation was resolved.

Project Highlights: Peak Sodding found a very strange situation during our first consultation. As we were assessing the conditions of the property, we came to a very interesting realization. During the Winter months, the lawn was covered in shade for the greater portion of the day. But then using our Sun-Tracking technology, we also found that during the Summer, the path of the sun gave this lawn direct sunlight through the course of the day. This was a huge discovery!

It meant we could feel fully confident placing a warm-season grass that required that heavy sun during the Summer, but would also survive during the shaded Winter months. Due to Bermuda’s dormancy, the grass is not actively growing, meaning it would not require those added nutrients from the sun during the dormant season. We were so excited to help the homeowners find a solution for a lawn they could finally LOVE.

Holly Springs Sod Installation in Windcrest Neighborhood

Green Grass for Summertime and Family Time

Holly Springs Neighborhood: Windcrest

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Shady/Sun Mix

Lawn Challenge: When Owner Ben Schneider first spoke with the homeowners, it became extremely clear they needed a solution yesterday. With a one-year-old, two dogs, and then twins on the way, putting work into their lawn was simply not realistic. They had attempted some minor seeding work and due to the dogs and poor drainage, it never took. What they were left with when we came to assess were tiny patches of weeds, roots creeping throughout the yard, and a predominantly clay and mud yard.

Sod Type Recommendation: Tiftuf Bermuda

Scope of Work: Our crew immediately got to work and assessed the conditions. We removed a tree to open the lawn up to the sun and removed all the large roots throughout. Once this was done, we tilled the soil over and brought in a good load of topsoil to level the surface out with a healthy base. Finally, the sod went in and the work was complete! We provided a breakdown of watering and care instructions to the homeowners and were on our way. 

Interesting Challenge: Removing the tree was a unique occurrence. Due to the shade the tree provided, the lawn would have been otherwise impossible to grow. It is not every day we have to remove trees, but we were fortunate enough to have an exceptional and reliable tree pro on our team to get out there and take down the tree. The root crept throughout the whole yard which certainly took some time to remove, but once they were ripped out, it allowed our installers to thoroughly level the area with a clean surface of topsoil.

Project Highlights: Every week leading up to this project, the excitement in the homeowner’s voice was evident. The family simply could not wait to get the lawn down before summertime. Especially before the newborn twins came. Being able to be a part of an installation like this is always a highlight for our installers and team as a whole. This grass will green up in the Spring and finally allow for a fun space to play!

Holly Springs Sunset Ridge Lawn Installation

Oddly Sloped Lawn Gets A Makeover

Holly Springs Neighborhood: Sunset Ridge

Project Location: Front and Sides

Lawn Environment: Full Sun

Lawn Challenge: The homeowners contacted us originally to have a conversation about sodding their yard with Centipede. They had attempted a small patch of sod once before, and it took decently, but they were ready for a change. The yard was bumpy, rocky, full of weeds, and oddly sloped. Immediately upon arrival, we acknowledged there might be a small shade challenge. The trees had grown very thick and one tree was preventing the yard from multiple hours of good sunlight.

As it turned out, the homeowners were super excited about removing the main tree. They loved the thought of opening their lawn up to more sunlight and fewer leaves they’d have to clean up at the end of the year.

Sod Type Recommendation: After our consultation, we recommended TifTuf Bermuda for its qualities: low maintenance, something thick and lush, wouldn’t die if homeowners were unable to provide care on occasion.

Scope of Work: The tree was taken down and afterward our team got to work. The soil was a mess. Hard clay, rocks, and roots throughout. The team tilled the area thoroughly to allow the new grass ‘room to breathe’. Once this was done, a fine layering of topsoil was spread to provide a rich and smooth surface for the sod. After the lawn was properly graded to a more even and walkable surface, we began installing the TifTuf Bermuda sod. Once the final cuts were made, the dirt was cleaned off the driveways and street and our team completed a final walkthrough with the clients and a full breakdown of watering instructions, and the project was complete! At the time of writing this, the lawn is greening up and rooting beautifully. 

Interesting Challenge:

Discovering the best turf for the homeowners’ lawn was a good conversation. Originally, they were under the impression a grass like Centipede was the only option available, but after a discussion about needs and what they hoped to get out of their lawn, it was exciting to share with them some of the other options! 

Project Highlights: The homeowners loved the TifTuf Bermuda. It was a thick carpet they had never expected their lawn could grow. A huge criterion for success was the grading. It became clear that the yard had a slope to it that was much more severe than they liked. We shared that it would be possible for our team to grade it in such a way that the slope could be much more walkable, but also a clean and smooth surface to add to the curb appeal of the home. They were so excited at the finishing touch!

Holly Springs' Stonemont Sod Installation

Open to a Fresh Start

Holly Springs Neighborhood: Stonemont

Project Location: Front yard, right side, and left side

Lawn Environment:  Full sun in the front and right side, the left side gets most sun but not as much as the front which is why in that area there are some erosion problems due to poor drainage.

Lawn Challenge: The client says the grass has not been healthy since they moved in and no lawn treatment has helped much at all.

Sod Type Recommendation: Recognizing their frustration, our team took on the challenge and recommended a fresh start, embracing the resilient and vibrant TifTuf Bermuda grass while addressing the issue of inadequate drainage.

Scope of Work: Understanding the client’s desire for a lawn that exudes vitality and beauty, we knew TifTuf Bermuda was the ideal solution. Renowned for its exceptional durability, drought resistance, and rich green color, TifTuf Bermuda will bring life to the client’s lawn. Its ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and thrive in various climates made it the perfect choice for your client’s outdoor space.

Interesting Challenge: Working on the drainage required an additional day of work, taking into consideration this was being installed along a slope. The downspouts were strategically tied in, diverting water away from the foundation of the home and guiding it down the slope. This essential addition prevented any potential waterlogging, protecting the newly installed TifTuf Bermuda from harm and allowing it to flourish under optimal conditions.

Project Highlights: The clients were very happy with how the sod installation turned out and pleased with the effectiveness of the drainage work. The rejuvenated lawn now stands as a testament to the power of a fresh start, showcasing the resilience and aesthetic appeal of TifTuf Bermuda. The strategic drainage system, implemented through the tied-in downspouts, safeguards the health and longevity of the landscape, ensuring that stagnant water will no longer hinder its vitality.

Holly Springs Maggie Run Zeon Zoysia Sod Installation

Overgrown Landscaping Creates Shade

Holly Springs Neighborhood: Maggie Run

Project Location: Front yard

Lawn Environment:  An area in their front yard experiences partial shade due to the significant growth of other landscaping features such as some taller trees and shrubs in a couple of beds, which has resulted in shaded-out Bermuda grass and an abundance of weeds.

Lawn Challenge: The homeowner expressed the need to sod the affected area because the overgrown landscaping had deprived the Bermuda grass of sunlight, leading to weed domination. Having witnessed success with Zoysia grass in one part of the yard, the Client wanted to extend its presence further.

Sod Type Recommendation: After careful consideration, we recommended Zeon Zoysia as the optimal sod variety for the project. This choice was based on its proven success in the yard and its ability to thrive in partial shade conditions, providing the Client with a beautiful and resilient lawn.

Scope of Work: Our recommended scope of work included sodding the affected areas with Zeon Zoysia. This involved thorough soil preparation, removal of existing weeds, and providing the sod with the necessary conditions to establish strong roots and flourish. The goal was to create an even, dense, and attractive lawn that would bring back the desired aesthetic appeal.

Interesting Challenge: An interesting challenge we encountered was making sure that we install the new sod seamlessly up next to the existing healthy lawn at the same level so there is no drastic change and with little to no margin at all.

Interesting Insight: The client’s profession as a teacher provided an interesting insight into her need for a peaceful and attractive outdoor space. Understanding her occupation influenced our commitment to deliver a beautiful lawn that would serve as a tranquil retreat for her during the summer break.

Successful Installation: The Client and her family are extremely pleased with the results of the sod installation. The once sparse areas have transformed into a lush and inviting lawn, providing them with a picturesque backdrop to enjoy throughout the summer.

Holly Springs' Stonemont Sod Installation

Coordination of Communication

Holly Springs Neighborhood: Stonemont

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: The backyard receives full sun and has sparse Bermuda grass. The ground was excessively wet and compacted, and there were numerous weeds present. The area above the retaining wall was overgrown with natural brush and weeds, leading into a wooded area.

Lawn Challenge: The client desired drainage work to address the poor drainage in the backyard, along with the installation of gravel on each side of the house for them to be able to walk on and not have it just bare since the sides of the house are particularly shadier and the grass will not do well. They are seeking a dense-growing grass variety that will effectively suppress weed growth while requiring minimal maintenance.

Sod Type Recommendation: Our scope of work was to extend the existing drainage system to allow proper drainage in the backyard. This would involve tying in three corrugated pipes from the neighboring properties and routing them underneath the fence into their storm drain. Additionally, gravel should be placed on each side of the house to enhance drainage. Clear out the weeds and debris above the retaining wall and ensure the area is well-cleaned. Installing landscape fabric and then pine straw can help prevent weed growth in that area. Level the yard properly to facilitate good drainage and create a safe playing surface for the client’s children. Use a dense-growing grass variety, such as a low-maintenance turfgrass, that will choke out weeds and require minimal upkeep.

Scope of Work: Understanding the client’s desire for a lawn that exudes vitality and beauty, we knew TifTuf Bermuda was the ideal solution. Renowned for its exceptional durability, drought resistance, and rich green color, TifTuf Bermuda will bring life to the client’s lawn. Its ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and thrive in various climates made it the perfect choice for your client’s outdoor space.

Interesting Challenge: One interesting challenge for this project would be the coordination of drainage tie-ins from the neighboring properties. Obtaining permissions, ensuring proper alignment of the pipes, and managing any potential disruptions to the neighbors’ landscapes. Effective communication and collaboration with all parties involved would be crucial to overcoming this challenge successfully.

Successful Installation: Yes, the project was successfully installed. The client confirmed their approval and expressed happiness with the results. They provided positive feedback regarding the proper leveling of the yard, improved drainage, and the overall appearance of the lawn. Additionally, they appreciated the clean and level area above the retaining wall.

Holly Springs Trinity Creek Tiftuf Bermuda Sod Installation

Overgrown Landscaping Creates Shade

Holly Springs Neighborhood: Trinity Creek

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: The replacement area is a unique and somewhat oddly shaped section, comprising a significant portion of the back right half of the property, directly off the home.

Lawn Challenge: The homeowner‘s primary request is to ensure that the newly sodded area matches the existing lawn as closely as possible.

Sod Type Recommendation: To achieve a seamless match with the rest of the lawn, we recommended using TifTuf Bermuda, which closely resembles the existing Bermuda grass in the rest of the property.

Scope of Work: Due to the area being very compacted and uneven, our scope of work involved thorough heavy tilling while exercising utmost caution around the irrigation sprinklers to avoid any damage.

Project Success Criteria: The key success criteria for the project were centered around thorough preparation and precise leveling of the replacement area.

Interesting Challenge: The nature of this patch job presented a challenge in preparing the area without causing any damage to the sections of the lawn that were already in good condition. Careful and precise work was required to ensure a smooth integration.

Interesting Insight: The client has a deep appreciation for eco-friendly practices and expressed enthusiasm for using a sustainable, drought-tolerant grass variety like TifTuf Bermuda.

Successful Installation: The project was successfully installed, and the client expressed satisfaction and happiness with the final result.

Holly Springs' Sod Installation of Tiftuf Bermuda

Matching The Existing Sod

Holly Springs Neighborhood: Trinity Creek

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: This project takes place within a newly constructed home where tree clearing has occurred in the backyard. The client also desires to have a strip of sod on each edge of the property.

Lawn Challenge:  For a fully finished lawn installation matching the existing grass type.

Sod Type Recommendation: Our plan involves the installation of Tiftuf Bermuda grass to match the existing lawn. It’s not only about placing the sod; we’ll ensure it’s meticulously leveled and seamlessly integrated into the surrounding yard.

Scope of Work: Work to install the sod in the largest bare area first and then file in the more noticeable bare areas using any extra pieces to fill in the less noticeable areas. 

Project Success Criteria: Our primary goals were to achieve a seamless match in elevation with the existing grass and to effectively cover all the previously bare sections across the lawn.

Interesting Challenge: The main area where we are installing is along a slope in the backyard.

Interesting Insight: It’s worth noting that the client currently resides in Virginia but will soon be relocating. In the interim, she’s been shuttling back and forth alongside her brother, coordinating the completion of various home projects. A silver lining is that her daughter conveniently resides in the same neighborhood.

Project Obstacles:One notable obstacle we faced was unexpected heavy rainfall right as we were about to commence the installation. This required us to temporarily pause and work with slightly heavier sod once the rain had passed. However, we swiftly adapted and managed to complete the task promptly.

Successful Installation: Indeed, the installation proved successful, and the client’s response has been exceedingly positive. She is particularly delighted with how our team managed the installation process.