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Sodding With a Seamless Transition to Natural Surroundings

Chapel Hill Neighborhood: Old Lystra, Chatham County farmland

Project Location: Front yard

Lawn Challenge: Our client wanted durability and visual appeal, expressing a desire for Zenith grass, for its strength, coupled with the look of a short fescue.

Sod Type Recommendation: For this combination, our recommendation centered around the installation of Zenith grass, for its robust qualities with the style of short fescue. 

Project Success Criteria: Our success criteria include ensuring an effortlessly maintained lawn and minimizing environmental impact. 

Scope of Work: The project required sodding around the landscape design with special attention given to creating a seamless integration with the natural surroundings.

Win Reason: The key to our success rested on the skilled hands of Jose, the installer. The client’s confidence in Jose’s expertise became the decisive factor in choosing our team for this transformative endeavor.

Interesting Insight: Adding a touch of personal connection, we discovered that the client’s father is an antique aficionado. This insight provided gave us a glimpse of the client’s lifestyle and taste.

Successful Installation: Despite the challenges, the installation proved to be a success, particularly notable for being executed during the winter, a season not traditionally associated with landscaping. The result was a thick, lush lawn.

Project Obstacles:  The removal of four sizable trees and their intricate root systems presented a substantial hurdle. Navigating through this obstacle required a delicate effort to preserve the integrity of the landscape while ensuring the removal of the tree roots.

Golden Nuggets: Beyond the transformation, the project’s golden nuggets lie in the creation of a safe and fenced area. This yard ensures not only the client’s dogs’ happiness but also serves as a playground for grandchildren—a space now ready for its multiple uses. 


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