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A Lawn fo Plenty of Foot Traffic

Angier Neighborhood: Kennebec Acres

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: The lawn had originally started out as all Centipede, however, due to the shade on the left side a lot of it began to thin out and die. The poor drainage and foot traffic caused the lawn to deteriorate even more over the years. The client tried to overseed Fescue several times but the seed would not take at all. 

Lawn Challenge: The client’s ultimate desire was for a grass type that tolerates some shade and plenty of foot traffic. Also, a grass type that would snuff out weeds better.

Sod Type Recommendation: Along with the client’s extensive research, we also agreed that Zeon Zoysia will meet all of his needs and be the best fit for the area we will be working with.

Scope of Work: We needed to level out some areas to provide better drainage by adding more soil in low spots. When installing the sod, we needed to focus on ensuring the seams were as tight as possible to better choke out any weeds.

Interesting Challenge: After the installation, rolling the sod, and watering it in we noticed two areas that were still a bit lower than expected so we had to order a little bit more soil and go back to level those areas up.

Project Highlights: We were able to successfully prep and install his new lawn with very specific dates as he was going to be out of town.

Sod Installation in Historic Oakwood a Raleigh Neighborhood

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