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Uneven Slope of Topography

Lillington Neighborhood: Oakmont

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: This project was a new construction home, yet the backyard presented a challenging canvas: A compacted clay terrain, with rocks and debris. An uneven slope further complicates the topography.

Lawn Challenge: Our client expressed a vision for a transformed backyard, seeking a leveled area suitable for recreational activities. Additionally, they desire a resilient grass variant that did not necessarily require a need for an irrigation system and can withstand the rigors of foot traffic. Simultaneously, they expressed concern about creating a solution for the effective management of rainwater, necessitating the connection of downspouts to mitigate erosion and puddling risks.

Sod Type Recommendation: To accomplish this task, Peak Sodding recommended Tiftuf Bermuda to handle the rigors requested.

Project Success Criteria: Emphasizing the client’s priorities, our approach incorporated the use of PVC piping over the septic area to avert any potential flooding risks. Meticulous care was essential when grading near the shed, considering the non-standard burial of electrical wires.

Scope of Work: The comprehensive scope entailed a multi-faceted orchestration of grading, sodding, downspout redirection, and careful maneuvering around sensitive areas. The intricacies included tunneling under concrete and avoiding potential hazards near the shed. Our strategy involved deploying heavy equipment to facilitate the essential grading. Connecting and redirecting downspouts around the property was critical. A challenge included navigating beneath a concrete walkway to interlink one downspout with a corner spout, channeling water away from the property.

Interesting Challenge: One fascinating challenge was in ensuring the smooth operation of the fence gates post-sodding. The sloped terrain necessitates a delicate grading approach to guarantee that both gates open seamlessly without encountering any hindrance or snag on the newly laid sod.

Interesting Insight:  Adding a personal touch, our client, being in the Army, has recently invested in a splendid patio set for their new home. This insight provided a glimpse into their lifestyle and aspirations, influencing our design choices.

Successful Installation: The project was executed with precision, resulting in a successfully transformed backyard ready for the family to relish.

Project Obstacles:  A notable obstacle surfaced during the project, accommodating the slope to ensure the unhindered functionality of the fence gate. Careful planning and execution were pivotal in overcoming this challenge.

Golden Nuggets:   Although the client hasn’t fully transitioned into their new home, the completion of this project marked a significant stride toward a ready-to-enjoy backyard. With this transformation, they are poised to savor moments with their family in a brand new outdoor setting.

Lillington Backyward After
Sod Installation in Historic Oakwood a Raleigh Neighborhood
Sod Installation in Historic Oakwood a Raleigh Neighborhood
Lillington Backyward After