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Sod Installation in Raleigh's Laneridge Neighborhood

A New and Safe Lawn for the Kids

Raleigh Neighborhood: Laneridge

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Sunny/shade mix

Lawn Challenge:  The yard was extremely worn out from renovations as well as many drainage problems. What was left was a barren, clay, muddy mess. Rocky clay soil and weeds were all that remained. This meant an unsafe, messy area for whenever their children wanted to play throughout the yard.

Sod Type Recommendation: The recommendation for the lawn environment was Elite Tall Fescue. 

Scope of Work: After an assessment of the yard, Peak Sodding made the decision to remove a tree in the center that would have prevented a greater portion of the yard from having success with sod. Once the tree was removed and the stump ground significantly down below soil levels, the Peak Sodding team began the grading process. Due to the heavy amount of rock and clay in the soil, a heavy quantity of healthy soil was needed to blend with the old. This would allow the sod to root as needed.

Interesting Challenge: Addressing the tree as well as the rocky soil was tricky. We needed to make sure we could not only minimize the heavy rock content through the soil but also make sure we could maintain a healthy grade throughout the area. Making sure the stump was ground down below the proper soil level, while lightly screening and scraping the rocks, allowed our soil to be thoroughly and properly filtered throughout the whole yard. 

Project Highlights: The most exciting part of this project was near completion. After the sod was nearly complete and laid out, the kids had arrived home from school. They were so excited to see the new lawn, they ran out and immediately began rolling around and playing. It was awesome to see just how their parents’ decision to have this new sod installed made such a difference for their kids. They finally had a safe, beautiful, and fun area they could play in!

I called Ben at Peak Sodding late in the season. He was excellent in working our project in around our schedule and some persistent rain. He was clean and frequent with his communication. His process includes ground and soil preparation that is almost more important than the grass itself. The grass quality was fantastic and install day was smooth and fast. I highly recommend giving Peak Sodding a shot for your sodding needs.


Sod Installation in Raleigh's Yates Mill Neighborhood

A Lawn with Rocky, Eroded and Compact Clay 

Apex Neighborhood: Yates Mill

Project Location: Entire yard

Lawn Environment: Shady/Sun Blend

Lawn Challenge: The client reached out with erosion issues that had been the cause of extreme stress on their lawn. They had tried continually seeding, fertilizing, and following all the proper steps in the book, but it simply was not working. They were left with a patchy, rocky, mix of clay soil, moss, and weeds.

Sod Type Recommendation: Zeon Zoysia was recommended due to its exceptional shade tolerance.

Scope of Work: After an assessment, it became extremely clear that this lawn needed much more than a long-term maintenance approach. After some serious work to clear away the weeds and remaining grass, our Green Grass Growth team began working carefully to increase the soil layer.

Interesting Challenge: One of the critical steps of our assessment was determining why all previous efforts had failed. It became very clear that we had a combination of very difficult conditions this lawn had to overcome if it were to be successful. First and foremost was the soil. It was rocky, eroded, and compact clay. This meant before anything else, we had to properly cultivate and build up a new layer of soil for the grass to have a proper root base.

Once this was done, we then had to address the second issue. That was the shade. Using a tool to determine the natural path of the sun, we were able to determine just how much coverage we could get out of our sod without putting it at risk. The recommendation Zeon Zoysia fell perfectly within the criteria of turf they loved the look of, but also met the needs of their lawns’ environment. 

Project Highlights: Upon seeing the new lawn, the client was very excited to finally enjoy a new, thick lawn again. We were happy to receive follow-up pictures a few weeks following the installation of the freshly cut grass looking better than ever!

Sod Installation in Raleigh's Wyntree Neighborhood

Make it Green with a Wide Grass Blade!

Raleigh Neighborhood: Wyntree

Project Location: Front and Side Yard

Lawn Environment: Shade/sun mix

Lawn Challenge: The client reached out to us after an extremely tough time with his lawn. He had tried everything. Seeding, topsoil, treatment, more seeding, but nothing was working. By the time he had called us, he was so exhausted from his lawn, he had killed everything. 

Sod Type Recommendation: Due to the sunny/shade mix of his lawn, Peak Sodding recommended Fescue. The client already had an irrigation system and was in a great place to care for it once it was established. Our team got to work and within a few hours, the client had a fully transformed and gorgeous Fescue lawn.

Scope of Work: The client gave us two primary criteria. He wanted it to be green and he wanted it to have a beautiful, natural wide grass blade.

Interesting Challenge: The biggest challenge we ran into was actually at the completion of the project. We had about a pallet of leftover sod. We always aim to overestimate, but this was by a fairly broad margin. After some discussion with Steve, we agreed to go ahead and utilize the leftover sod in another portion of the lawn. Pretty soon, we had not only sodded just his front, but also his side yard.

Project Highlights: One of the things you’ll notice right away is just how GREEN this lawn came out. This batch of sod supplied from one of our local suppliers came in absolutely tip-top shape. The client was super excited to begin the watering process and finally have a well-established, fresh-looking lawn. Even on the day of installation, it fits so perfectly, it was hard to notice it was a brand new lawn!

Great experience with Peak Sodding. Carefully prepared my yard area and installed my lawn quickly and professionally. Thanks!


Sod Installation in Historic Oakwood a Raleigh Neighborhood

Green Grass for Backyard Entertaining

Raleigh Neighborhood: Historic Oakwood

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Partial shade

Lawn Challenge: This was a relatively new home in the downtown Raleigh area. It was built after the prior home was demolished and the property renovated. The homeowner had requested our help as the backyard was left in shambles. She had put major work into making the space beautiful with a deck, fire pit area with lights, flower beds surrounding the lawn area, etc.

This area was made for a hosting environment. So when the lawn was filled with weeds, bare patches, and mud, it conflicted greatly with her goals for this space.

Sod Type Recommendation: Zeon Zoysia

Scope of Work: After an assessment, we determined the ultimate problems were the result of shade, an overgrowth of weeds, and drainage problems. Our team got to work and sprayed the weeds throughout the backyard. Once they had time to die off, we began the excavation and removed all the weeds, leaves, and scraps throughout. After this process was complete, our installers spread a thorough layer of soil making sure the yard was properly sloped towards all drainage pipes. After the soil was evenly raked, we laid the Zeon Zoysia to fit the space. The sprinklers were set in place and the rest was history! 

Interesting Challenge: We faced a unique challenge at the end of the project. We helped the homeowner set up her sprinklers to water the lawn. It became evident that we would potentially run into problems with water coverage. The following week, the homeowner confirmed our concerns. We came out immediately with timers, hoses, and more powerful sprinklers. After some adjustments and fresh setups, the entire lawn was set and ready to go with watering to ensure the roots would not dry out.

Project Highlights: Upon completion of the project, the sun was slowly fading. The homeowner turned on the lights around her yard for the most beautiful finish. It was an amazing space that finally was able to show its true potential for hosting. A clean lawn, a fireplace, and an outdoor sitting area. We were so excited for her to finally enjoy it the way it should be enjoyed!

Tiftuf Bermuda Dayton Woods Raleigh

Lawn To Withstand High Heat Summers

Raleigh Neighborhood: Falls River

Project Location: Front yard

Lawn Environment: This lawn was full of weeds and half of it was dead and bare. Previously having a lawn that would not survive the summer heat has caused our client a hard time trying to recover what is left of his lawn.

Lawn Challenge: The client was looking for a lush and healthy-looking lawn to match his neighbor’s grass that will also be able to withstand our high-heat summers and stand out in a good way to all his neighbors.

Sod Type Recommendation: We recommended Zeon Zoysia as it is going to match their neighbors grass and will grow dense enough to choke weeds out. Zeon Zoysia will give the yard a nice thick, carpet like luscious look.

Scope of Work: We needed to spray the existing weeds and till up the soil very well, removing all debris prior to amending the existing soil with good compost to add nutrients providing a good base for the new sod to successfully thrive.

Interesting Challenge: The lawn was not too challenging to work with but we did install the extra grass at the side of his house where it is sloped and has erosion problems. We had to ensure that we blended the new sod along with his neighbor’s lawn making sure the seams were nice and tight up against each other.

Project Highlights: The client was very pleased with the installation and loves his new front yard. He and his neighbor were extremely appreciative of us for installing the extra grass between their houses where there was erosion and his other neighbor was pleased that we installed a couple of rolls in a bare area in his lawn.

Banks Pointe Tiftuf Bermuda Sod Installation

Tranformation after a Builder Grade Installation

Raleigh Neighborhood: Banks Pointe

Project Location: Front yard, Backyard

Lawn Environment: This full-sun area in a new construction home had poor grading and was overrun by weeds and a rye mix installed by the builder. 

Lawn Challenge: The client wanted downspout drainage connected to guide water away from the backyard and towards the retention pond, ensuring proper grading and preventing puddling.

Sod Type Recommendation: To address the grading issues and create a drought-tolerant lawn, we recommended significant corrective grading, adding soil along the backyard slope for a gradual grade, and installing TifTuf Bermuda, a resilient and drought-tolerant warm-season grass.

Project Success Criteria: The client emphasized the importance of proper drainage to avoid puddling and ensure the water flows smoothly to the retention pond.

Scope of Work: The project was planned in several phases. The first day involved the installation of the downspout drainage system. The second day included ground preparation, which entailed tilling, raking, debris removal, corrective grading, and soil amendment with compost. On the final day, we installed the pallets of sod and rolled them to ensure an even surface. 

Interesting Challenge: We faced a challenge during the project when we had to modify the original sod placement in two areas to prevent erosion. This adjustment required additional sod, but it ensured the long-term stability and integrity of the lawn.

Interesting Insight: The client expressed great interest in putting emphasis on erosion control through strategic planting of the sod. He also demonstrated a profound dedication to completing his home project to complete the aesthetic appearance of his new home.

Project Highlights: The client was very pleased with the installation and loves his new front yard. He and his neighbor were extremely appreciative of us for installing the extra grass between their houses where there was erosion and his other neighbor was pleased that we installed a couple of rolls in a bare area in his lawn.

Golden Nuggets: The Client and his family can enjoy their lawn without concerns of mud or poor drainage. They are delighted with the beautifully landscaped surroundings of their new home.

Zenith Zoysia Sod Installation in Raleigh


Raleigh Neighborhood: Brookview

Project Location: The project takes place in a section of the backyard in front of a tiny home.

Lawn Environment: The area in the backyard where the sod is being installed is a partial shade area. The lot is separated between the owner of the main house at that address and the owner of the tiny home located off the easement in their backyard.

Lawn Challenge: The client, who is the contractor of the tiny home, specifically requested Zeon Zoysia for its shade tolerance and lush green appearance.

Sod Type Recommendation: Due to the urgency of the project, the installation was scheduled right away requesting our supplier expedited shipping of materials.

Scope of Work: Based on the client’s request and the unique project requirements, the recommended approach was to install Zeon Zoysia sod in the section of the backyard in front of the tiny home.

Interesting Challenge: The main challenge faced during the project was the limited accessibility. Sharing the driveway with the other homeowner while ensuring no one gets blocked in required careful planning and coordination.

Project Success Criteria: The most important factors for the client were likely the successful installation of Zeon Zoysia sod in the partial shade area, achieving a beautiful lush green look while accommodating the shade conditions. Making the final touches of the exterior of the tiny home ready for the new owner to enjoy. 

Interesting Insight: The client is a contractor specializing in building tiny homes, which might have influenced their choice of Zeon Zoysia for the tiny home’s lawn.

Project Obstacles: The obstacles during the installation included challenges related to sod availability and logistical issues concerning the shared driveway. Addressing these hurdles required making necessary adjustments to the installation plan to ensure both successful completion and the satisfaction of the client.

Successful Installation: Yes, the installation was successful. The rationale behind this is that the Zeon Zoysia sod met the client’s criteria of shade tolerance and beautiful lush green appearance.

Banks Pointe Tiftuf Bermuda Sod Installation

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Green Year-Round!

Raleigh Neighborhood: North Hills

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Shade

Lawn Challenge: Wet soil, lots of moss

Sod Type Recommendation: Fescue

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