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Wake Forest's Stonewater Tiftuf Bermuda Sod Installation

Backyard Needed A Traffic-tolerant grass

Wake Forest Neighborhood: Stonewater

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: There is a central part of the lawn that gets full sun but the outer parts get a fair amount of shade due to the surrounding trees. 

Lawn Challenge: The client’s vision for her lawn was to have a traffic-tolerant grass in the center of her yard for her dogs, surrounded by a beautiful mulch border.

Sod Type Recommendation: We highly recommend installing Tiftuf Bermuda as it is the most traffic-tolerant grass and will be able to withstand dog traffic on it and recover quickly if there is any damage to it.

Scope of Work: We recommend killing everything off about 10 days prior so that there isn’t any grass growing through the mulch. 

Interesting Challenge: The weeds in this lawn were very thick. Being able to clear them was a definite challenge that took a lot of elbow grease to ensure a nice, smooth surface.

Project Highlights: As we diligently began the ground preparation and the mulch installation we encountered an unforeseen hiccup the lunch supplier mistakenly delivered the wrong colored mulch. Recognizing the importance of meeting client’s expectations, we swiftly communicated the issue to the supplier and they promptly rectified this mistake and sent the correct colored mulch, enabling us to proceed without any delay. 

Project Success Criteria: The client requested that the ground preparation and the mulch installation be completed in one day, followed by a day’s wait for the installation of an invisible dog fence. Finally, on the third day, we were scheduled to return and install the TifTuf Bermuda grass to complete the project. 

Project Obstacles:  We faced a project obstacle when the invisible fence people failed to show up on the designated day for installation. This unexpected delay threatened to disrupt our carefully planned schedule. However, we remained adaptable and flexible, coordinating with Ann and the invisible fence team to find a solution. The invisible fence team was able to reschedule and work on the same day we were scheduled to install the Tiftuf Bermuda sod. We adjusted our plans accordingly, starting the grass installation later in the day once the invisible fence team had completed their work. 


Highgate Park TifTuf Bermuda

Backyard For A Party

Wake Forest Neighborhood: Highgate

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: The lawn is situated in a partial shade area and is currently plagued by an abundance of weeds. Additionally, the ground is uneven and compacted due to the recent pool and fence installation.

Lawn Challenge: The client’s daughter’s birthday is approaching shortly after the 4th of July, and they plan to host a birthday party for her. Their request is to have a presentable lawn by that time.

Sod Type Recommendation: After considering the requirements, we suggested TifTuf Bermuda sod due to its exceptional drought tolerance and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Project Success Criteria: The client’s main concern is to ensure proper grading of the lawn to facilitate good drainage and prevent standing water issues.

Scope of Work: To achieve the desired grading and drainage, the project requires the import of sufficient fill dirt and topsoil.

Interesting Challenge: An intriguing challenge arose due to the aftermath of the recent pool and fence installation. The lawn was filled with compacted clay, rocks, and debris, requiring thorough preparation before laying the sod. Additionally, the project’s accessibility was limited, with only one access point located at the furthest side of the property.

Interesting Insight: The client’s choice to prioritize their daughter’s birthday celebration and invest in a presentable lawn highlights the importance they place on creating a memorable experience for their family.

Project Obstacles: One challenge encountered was having extra sod after completing the main lawn. To accommodate the client’s request, the team went beyond and sodded the area around the outside of the backyard fence with the remaining sod, demonstrating a commitment to fulfilling the client’s wishes.

Successful Installation: Yes, the installation was successful. The team managed to address the challenges and prepare the lawn appropriately, resulting in a well-graded, aesthetically pleasing, and functional space.