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Willow Springs Tiftuf Bermuda Sod Installation

Low Maintenance with Shade Tolerance

New Hill Neighborhood: Jordan Pointe

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: The lawn area described in the scenario has a mix of sun and shade. The client had Bermuda grass, but it is not thriving well and is becoming weak and thin.

Lawn Challenge: The client’s request is to have thick grass that can tolerate shade better and requires lower maintenance than the existing Bermuda grass.

Sod Type Recommendation: The recommended grass type for the project is Zeon Zoysia. The recommendation is based on two main factors: lower maintenance requirements and better shade tolerance compared to Bermuda grass.

Project Success Criteria:  The success criteria for the project are to achieve an even ground surface and install Zeon Zoysia grass effectively.

Scope of Work: The recommended scope of work is to remove the existing weak Bermuda grass and replace it with Zeon Zoysia. This will involve sodding the lawn with the new grass type.

Interesting Challenge: We needed to delay the project a bit due to inclement weather but we were able to make it work in a timely manner.

Interesting Insight:  An interesting challenge faced during the project was the need to delay the installation due to inclement weather. However, the team managed to handle the situation and complete the project in a timely manner.

Project Obstacles: One obstacle encountered during the project was the client’s request not to drop off the soil on the driveway. To overcome this, the installer scheduled to pick up the soil on a trailer while using plastic underneath to prevent any mulch stains on the driveway. In summary, the project involved replacing the weak Bermuda grass in a lawn area with Zeon Zoysia, which was chosen for its shade tolerance and lower maintenance requirements. The installation was successful despite facing challenges such as inclement weather and accommodating the client’s request regarding soil delivery.

Successful Installation: The installation of Zeon Zoysia was successful, indicating that the new grass type was properly installed and met the project’s goals.

Sod Installation in Historic Oakwood a Raleigh Neighborhood
Sod Installation in Historic Oakwood a Raleigh Neighborhood