Artificial Turf Installation: The Right Solution for "some" homeowners.

Peak Sodding’s focus is to help solve lawn challenges in order to give homeowners a lawn they’ll love. For some homeowners, artificial turf is the right solution.

Why Artificial Turf at Peak Sodding?

Green Grass Growth, our sod installation approach works well for 90% of our Southern Wake County homeowners but the remaining 10% have either a lawn challenge so severe sod grass isn’t the best answer or they are looking for a solution that is zero maintenance (and not simply low maintenance) and we don’t have a sod solution to meet their needs.

Artificial Turf Installation

For the homeowner seeking to solve a complex lawn challenge or simply preferring a lawn solution with no pesticides, watering, herbicides, or mowing, artificial turf installation might be the right solution for you.

Artificial Turf is:

  • A great installation solution for lawn environments that otherwise wouldn’t have the requirements to grow natural grass
  • Turf designed to resemble real grass gives you the amazing benefits of a beautiful lawn, without the hassle of constant maintenance and fear of the turf dying
  • Perfect for busy backyards that double as athletic fields for a family of outdoor enthusiasts
  • Tough and durable all the “zoomies
  • Ideal for the water conversationist that desires a lawn but wants to save on water usage

    Our Artificial Turf Offerings

    We offer a range of artificial turf options that cater to your style, specific lawn needs, and budget.

    We have varieties that excel in aesthetic appeal, perfect for enhancing the overall look of your lawn. We also have durable options that are specifically designed to withstand the demands of pets and athletic activities while still maintaining their visual appeal. Additionally, we frequently receive requests for putting green surfaces, providing avid golfers with their very own backyard putting area, creating an amazing experience right at home.

    Sod Installation in Holly Springs Neighborhood of Forest Springs

    Artificial Turf for Dogs

    Artificial grass is beneficial for dogs as it is durable, easy to clean, eliminates muddy paws, is chemical-free, reduces allergies, and discourages digging.

    Sod Installation in Apex Neighborhood of Indian Trails

    Artificial Turf for Playgrounds

    Artificial turf is ideal for playgrounds due to its safety, resilience, and low-maintenance nature, providing a durable and consistent surface that reduces injuries and allows for year-round play.

    Sod Installation in Holly Springs Neighborhood of Forest Springs

    Artificial Turf for Putting Greens

    Artificial turf is perfect for backyard putting greens because it offers a consistent and smooth surface, requires minimal maintenance, allows for realistic ball roll and speed control, and eliminates the need for watering and mowing, providing a convenient and enjoyable golfing experience at home.

    Sod Installation in Apex Neighborhood of Indian Trails

    Artificial Turf for Pool Surrounds

    Artificial turf is well-suited for pool surrounds as it doesn’t require watering, provides a soft and comfortable surface for walking barefoot, offers excellent drainage to prevent puddles, eliminates the issues of dirt and grass clippings getting into the pool, and maintains its lush appearance without the need for constant maintenance.

    The Lawn Assessment

    When assessing a lawn for artificial turf, Peak Sodding considers various factors. While shade and sun aren’t primary concerns, we still check for any obstacles that may hinder a successful turf installation. 


    This includes tree roots, stumps, accessibility for equipment and material movement, and potential drainage issues (although turf can help with drainage, the severity of the problem matters).

    Additionally, the layout of the turf is crucial. The rolls are 15 feet wide and must be installed correctly, side by side and facing the same direction. To accommodate for cut waste, we usually have to order 10-20% more turf.

    Elements of Pricing

    The elements of pricing can be broken up into 3 sections: prep, material, and labor.

    Sod Rolls for Sod Installation

    Preparation for Artificial Turf Installation

    Preparation of the space includes assessing the necessary materials for the base of the turf, as well as drainage, irrigation lines (if there were any prior to installation), and accessibility.

    Material Selection

    Every application is different based on the shape and size of the yard. Knowing how much material is required regardless of the actual square feet of installation can influence price greatly.


    There is no doubt that turf installation is a specialized service that requires qualified installers. This itself comes at a premium as well as other elements. A yard with many curves and cuts and difficult accessibility is going to be much more expensive than a very easily accessible yard with very few cuts and seams.

    Sod Installation Green Grass Growth

    Create the perfect outdoor space!

    The right solution is the one that will deliver a lawn you’ll love.

    Artificial grass is available for homeowners when sod grass is simply not the best solution. Our turf install team is experienced with 15 + years installing turf and carpet. Let’s chat to see if artificial turf is right for you. We would love the opportunity to help you create a lawn you’ll love.

    Sod Installation in Southern Wake County

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