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Willow Springs Tiftuf Bermuda Sod Installation

Lawn To Withstand High Heat Summers

Raleigh Neighborhood: Honeycutt Landing

Project Location: Left side

Lawn Environment: Our client resides in a new construction home where the sod installation was left incomplete by the builder, specifically down the side of the property. This particular area is exposed to full sunlight, and the currently installed grass variety is Bermuda.

Lawn Challenge: Our client has reached out to us to address the unfinished portion of the lawn left by the builder. They have requested our expertise to complete the sod installation in this area, ensuring a seamless match with the existing grass. Additionally, the client desires the surface to be leveled as much as possible. To achieve this, we will incorporate high-quality topsoil, as the builder had neglected to provide adequate soil preparation, resulting in a lumpy and uneven clay surface.

Sod Type Recommendation: Prior to sod installation, address the uneven and lumpy clay soil left by the builder. Level off the area as best as possible and incorporate good topsoil to provide a suitable growing environment for the new sod. Complete the sod installation in the area where the builder left it unfinished. Match the existing Bermuda grass as closely as possible to maintain consistency throughout the yard.

Project Success Criteria: Given the presence of septic lines in the specific area we are working on, utmost caution must be exercised during the tilling process to avoid any damage. Ensuring the protection and integrity of the septic lines is a critical success criterion for the project.

Scope of Work: Our recommendation is to proceed with the sod installation as planned, ensuring careful handling and tilling in the area with septic lines. By taking necessary precautions and employing experienced professionals, we can complete the project while safeguarding the septic lines.

Interesting Challenge: One interesting challenge in this project is the careful navigation around the septic lines during the tilling process. Ensuring that the septic lines are not compromised or damaged while preparing the area for sod installation requires precision and attention to detail. Overcoming this challenge involves thorough planning, skilled execution, and close coordination with relevant experts to guarantee a successful outcome.

Interesting Insight: During the initial discussions, the client expressed their frustration with the unfinished sod installation by the builder and the poor quality of the clay soil left behind. This insight provided valuable context, highlighting the client’s desire for a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing lawn. Understanding their dissatisfaction and expectations allowed us to propose a solution that aligned with their vision.

Successful Installation: The installation was successful. The client confirmed their approval by expressing happiness with the final outcome. They reviewed the completed project, inspected the newly installed sod, and acknowledged the improved appearance and functionality of their lawn.

Sod Installation in Historic Oakwood a Raleigh Neighborhood
Sod Installation in Historic Oakwood a Raleigh Neighborhood