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Discover why Owner Ben Schneider believes Peak Sodding can give you a lawn you love and check out our Lawn Sodding Q&A for common questions we receive about sod installation.

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Lawn sodding is tough work. Moving soil, prepping the site, moving and laying the rolls. At Peak Sodding, we believe teamwork makes your “yard dreams work”. We deploy our dedicated team to job sites across Southern Wake County with the right tools and equipment to get the job done fast. Call us and we show up. Choose us and we deliver.

Sod Installation Services Team
Installation of Sod by Sod Installation Services Team

Local Sod Installation Specialists

We are Local Sod Installation Specialists that install new lawns for residential customers. Our reputation for quality and reliability has made us sought after by residential homeowners in the area for sod installation.

We do not believe in cutting corners or skimping on quality sod to give you a rock bottom price only to have a product that won’t result in the healthy, green lawn you desire. We do believe in offering top-quality work at a fair price with sod installation services that give you the best start for sod installation success.

As a company that focuses specifically on sodding, we are able to help customers far more effectively with the technical knowledge about turf and what would work best for their needs, but also our installation process is constantly being fine-tuned so it is done in such a way that they can be free of worries with their new lawn.” 

Peak Sodding's Owner Ben Schneider

Peak Sodding Owner Ben Schneider

About our Owner, Ben Schneider

Born and raised in Southern Wake County, Owner Ben Schneider finished school, took a lawn care position, and quickly became a student of the industry. It wasn’t long before he saw an opportunity to marry his advanced technical knowledge about sod with his ability to problem-solve even the toughest of lawn challenges. Ben launched Peak Sodding with a goal to transform the homeowners’ experience with sod installers.

Peak Sodding’s Green Grass Growth is our sod installation approach that has been perfected after hundreds of sod installation projects. To ensure you can experience the satisfaction of having a lawn you love, we, as installers, keep our business focused only on sodding to solve your most frustrating lawn challenges.

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People Ask: Lawn Sodding Q&A

If you have a sod installation question we can help answer, let us know. We’ll do our best to send you a response quickly and also post it below or on our blog for future reference.

Questions & Answers from Peak Sodding


How much should sod installation cost? Depending upon the grade of the turf type, and the size of the area, full sod installation projects will most commonly be on a range $3.00/per square foot for smaller, higher end projects, to closer to $1.50/per square foot for larger, more straight forward projects.


How much does it cost to lay a pallet of sod? Depending upon the grade of the turf type, and the size of the area, full sod installation projects will most commonly be on a range of $1500.00/per pallet installed for smaller, higher-end projects, to closer to $750.00/per pallet installed for larger, more straight forward projects. 


How much should I pay to have sod installed? Measure the size of the area you are wanting sod laid in. Based upon that, you can get ballpark rough numbers with $3.00/per square foot for smaller, higher-end projects, closer to $1.50/per square foot for larger, more straightforward projects based upon your personal preferences for turf type.


What’s the best time of year to lay sod? For warm-season grasses, the best times of the year will normally be Early Spring through Late Summer due to the warm weather allowing for quicker root development. That said, many sod varieties can be laid year-round with minimal risk.


What’s the hardiest ground cover? Zoysia is one of the most popular grass types due to its exceptional density. Not only does it look incredible from the thickness and color, but it also boasts some of the best growth habits meaning it can tolerate a wide variety of conditions.


What’s a low-maintenance grass that doesn’t need to be cut often? While Bermuda may be considered lower maintenance due to its drought tolerance and quick recovery abilities, Zoysia takes the crown with lower maintenance. Zoysia is a slower grower than Bermuda meaning it won’t be quite as aggressive in its growth, allowing for more time in between cuts. 


How do you prepare the ground to lay sod? We always first remove as much of the existing surface vegetation as we can. Once this is complete, we can then spread topsoil evenly throughout the entire area making sure the surface is as even and smooth as possible eliminating any ruts, dips, or humps. 


Can you sod a shady area? While it is not advised to lay sod in areas that never see sunlight, you can most definitely lay sod in areas that might receive minimal sun. It is important to make sure that you are laying the correct type of sod that can handle the shady conditions.


What is the best grass for hot weather? Any warm-season turf, such as Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede, and St. Augustine are all exceptional grasses for hot and sunny areas. Make sure you consider watering though as not all grass types are as drought tolerant as others!


What’s the best month to lay down sod? There isn’t any “best month” to lay sod. However, Spring and Fall seasons are optimal with their mild temperatures and great soil conditions.


Is sod better than grass seed? Sod is by far the most effective way to establish a lawn while also assuming the least amount of risk possible. Seeding a lawn can often take years to truly establish even with proper care and preparation due to unpredictable weather patterns and washout. Seeding also can limit your choices of turf type significantly as some of the most popular and quality turf types are sterile and therefore will not produce seeds that can be regrown. 


Does Peak Sodding’s sod come delivered as rolls or slabs? Which is better? We always request our sod be delivered in rolls. Rolls allow for much quicker and efficient installations meaning less time on the pallet. Especially during growing season, we aim to have our sod laid fresh with 24-48 hours of it being cut from the farm.