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Lawn sodding is tough work. Moving soil, prepping the site, moving and laying the rolls. At Peak Sodding, we believe teamwork makes your “yard dreams work”. We deploy our dedicated team to job sites across Southern Wake County with the right tools and equipment to get the job done fast. Call us and we show up. Choose us and we deliver.

Sod Installation Services Team
Installation of Sod by Sod Installation Services Team

Local Sod Installation Specialists

We are Local Sod Installation Specialists that install new lawns for residential customers. Our reputation for quality and reliability has made us sought after by residential homeowners in the area for sod installation.

We do not believe in cutting corners or skimping on quality sod to give you a rock bottom price only to have a product that won’t result in the healthy, green lawn you desire. We do believe in offering top-quality work at a fair price with sod installation services that give you the best start for sod installation success.

As a company that focuses specifically on sodding, we are able to help customers far more effectively with the technical knowledge about turf and what would work best for their needs, but also our installation process is constantly being fine-tuned so it is done in such a way that they can be free of worries with their new lawn.” 

Peak Sodding's Owner Ben Schneider

Peak Sodding Owner Ben Schneider

About our Owner, Ben Schneider

Born and raised in Southern Wake County, Owner Ben Schneider finished school, took a lawn care position, and quickly became a student of the industry. It wasn’t long before he saw an opportunity to marry his advanced technical knowledge about sod with his ability to problem-solve even the toughest of lawn challenges. Ben launched Peak Sodding with a goal to transform the homeowners’ experience with sod installers.

Peak Sodding’s Green Grass Growth is our sod installation approach that has been perfected after hundreds of sod installation projects. To ensure you can experience the satisfaction of having a lawn you love, we, as installers, keep our business focused only on sodding to solve your most frustrating lawn challenges.

Peak Sodding's Shannon Hathaway

Sod Solutions Expert Shannon Hathaway

Growing up in a small town West Brookfield, Massachusetts, Shannon got an early education in the great outdoors. Her childhood experiences helped launch her into a successful 25+ year career in landscaping and agriculture in the greater Raleigh area.

Learn more about Shannon, what her superpower is and why we just had to have her on our team!

Peak Sodding's Iris Ramirez

Sod Success Supervisor Iris Ramirez

With a background rooted in family values and a focus on excellence, Iris brings efficiency and dedication to all she does. Discover how her expertise and commitment have earned her recognition and why she’s an indispensable part of Peak Sodding.

Peak Sodding's Jennifer Gibbons

Scheduling Coordinator Jennifer Gibbons

With roots in sunlit Southern California, Jennifer’s positivity shines through every task. Discover how she forges connections with clients and vendors while orchestrating flawless projects for Peak Sodding

Peak Sodding's Jennifer Gibbons

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