Owner Ben Schneider

Ben Schneider, a Southern Wake County native and founder of Peak Sodding, blends his passion for community with exceptional sod installation and “uncommon” customer service.

A Southern Wake County native with a deep-rooted connection to the community

Raised in Apex, NC, Ben spent his formative years engaged in a blend of sports, faith, and community activities. Home-schooled from K-12, he cultivated a love for the outdoors, which is a passion that still drives him today.

Ben and his wife, Michal currently reside in Fuquay Varina, with their beautiful daughter Summer where they continue to embrace the sense of community that defined Ben’s upbringing.

Peak Sodding Owner Ben Schneider

Growth With Uncommon Service

Professionally, Ben’s journey started with odd landscaping jobs in the neighborhood, leading to a pivotal role on a canvassing team for a local lawn care company after high school. This experience ignited his interest in the lawn care world and customer relations. Over the years, Ben honed his skills working for various landscaping companies, immersing himself in the nuances of turf and grass types.

In 2019, Ben founded Peak Sodding, driven by a vision to fill a void in the market for specialized sod installation services. His business was built on a commitment to excellence and a consultative approach. Ben defines Peak Sodding’s customer service as “Uncommon Service,” striving to exceed expectations in communication, organization, education, and quality of work.

Our goal is not just to line up as many jobs as we possibly can. We carry the burden of ensuring every project is set up for success as best as we possibly can. Even in the elements ‘outside of our control’ like maintenance and long term care, we are constantly making efforts to ensure our clients have realistic expectations and even resources to ensure they aren’t just going to be left with the same situation the following year.

looking ahead for peak sodding

Looking ahead, the aspirations for Peak Sodding involve steady growth, making it a meaningful workplace and a service that consistently wows our clients. Ben is committed to adapting to the evolving needs of the community, exploring innovative ways to enhance our services, and contribute to the beauty of Southern Wake County.

Where To Find Ben 😃 When He’s Not WOrking

Outside of work, you can find Ben cherishing low-key moments with his family, exploring coffee shops, engaging with our church community, and occasionally embarking on travel adventures. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and well-being influences both his personal and professional life, whether discussing God, ice baths, or business strategies.

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