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Sod Installation Apex NC

Seeking Green Grass To Enjoy

Apex Neighborhood: Amherst

Project Location: Front and sides

Lawn Environment: Sunny/shade mix

Lawn Challenge: The client reached out to us looking to get a lawn established on an area that had been mostly mud and weeds for months. They were tired of the constant mess and eager to have grass to enjoy and do away with the mud.

Most important to the client was having a lawn that could tolerate the environment of the lawn, but also something that wouldn’t require significant maintenance. On top of that, finding a solution that would eliminate the muddiness and erosion was key.

Sod Type Recommendation: The recommendation boiled down to a medium and a high-grade Zoysia. Especially due to the sun/shade mix they had, Zoysia was the clear choice based upon their preferences.

Scope of Work: After a thorough assessment, we went forward with a Zeon Zoysia turf due to its exceptional tolerance of both sun and shade. The thickness of the turf would allow for the water flow to be evenly distributed throughout the lawn as opposed to single rivers of water forming. This would solve the problem of erosion and finally, we brought in soil to evenly smooth out the entire surface areas of the lawn to ensure a proper grade for water to follow as well. 

Interesting Challenge: We did run into a concern with the neighbors lawn bordering the new lawn with a different turf type. We spoke with the neighbors to ensure they were aware of the installation and the potential for the new grass to creep. They appreciated the thought and actually loved the idea of letting it creep!

Project Highlights: Taking the time to understanding the ‘why’ behind this project allowed us to connect with exactly what our clients were hoping for this lawn.

Sod Installation in Scott's Hill Neighborhood of Apex

Tired of The Front Yard

Apex Neighborhood: Scott’s Hill

Project Location: Front yard

Lawn Environment: Mostly sun with some minor shade

Lawn Challenge: The client was tired of their lawn which was entirely weeds. They wanted something, thick, lush and lower maintenance. They knew they would have to do some maintenance, but they wanted to ensure that this grass wasn’t going to be easily taken over with weeds again.

Sod Type Recommendation: After a conversation about their preferences and the needs of their lawn, we decided on a Zeon Zoysia.

Scope of Work: The weeds on this lawn were thick. It needed a thorough scraping and soil brought in to really smooth out the ground and give the new sod an excellent root base.

Interesting Challenge: This was a funny challenge. On the day of installation, due to an entry error from the supplier, the delivery man showed up with one roll of sod. One. While it is easy to look back and chuckle, it meant that we had to delay the actual installation of the sod until after the weekend. This was challenging, but it all worked out in the end!

Project Highlights: Homeowners gave us the opportunity to help them fix their bare backyard with a new lawn installation. We recommended Tifway 419 Bermuda and Tiftuf Bermuda giving the owners 2 options for durability. Both of which were capable of recovering from greater than normal wear and tear and also growing well in full sun.

Sod Installation in Apex Neighborhood of Indian Trails

Patchy Grass Lawn Redo

Apex Neighborhood: Sandy Springs

Project Location: Patchwork front and back yard

Lawn Environment: Shade/sun mix

Lawn Challenge: The client had many patchy areas throughout his Zoysia/Fescue lawn. He was concerned it wouldn’t recover unless they sodded it.

Sod Type Recommendation: After our assessment, we were able to determine the exact type of Zoysia they needed as well as a positive solution for the grass to be done without redoing the entire lawn.

Scope of Work: We had to carefully remove the surface layer of weeds and patchy grass. Once this was done, we again raked out further dirt to ensure a very clean and flush level before the sod went down. 

Interesting Challenge: Being able to level the lawn exactly with the existing grass is always tough. But with good attention and careful shoveling and rake, we were able to successfully maintain flush grade.

Project Highlights: Besides a few roots that needed chopping out, this was a fun installation!

After years of neglect, we had a lot of bare spots. Ben gave us a great estimate sodding these areas. They did the work promptly and did a great job. Their website also taught me how to water properly, which I learned is probably got the bare spaces to start with. Super job!


Sod Installation Seagroves Farm Neighborhood of Apex NC

Full Sun in Seagroves

Apex Neighborhood: Seagroves Farm

Project Location: Entire yard

Lawn Environment: Full sun

Lawn Challenge: They had moved into this home about two years prior and were tired of the way the lawn looked. It wasn’t level, it had bare patches and it was covered in weeds. They were ready for a change and lawn they could enjoy.

Sod Type Recommendation: We wanted to understand just why they wanted a new lawn beyond the look. We found that it was not only important to have a lawn that solved their immediate problems, but they also loved the idea of a grass lawn they could walk on barefoot without all the prickliness. We recommended Northbridge Bermuda as the turf type.

Scope of Work: Our team brought in a mini skid steer to do an extra careful job to the grading. Once everything was roughly smoothed, we brought in an additional layer of premium soil to give the new Bermuda a healthy base.

Interesting Challenge: They had a tree that had been removed in the middle of their front lawn. Above all else, they wanted to ensure the hump was smoothed out and the grass was covering the area. The tree that had been removed had left many roots beneath the surface. Clearing these out properly was a very important challenge to overcome to maintain an even grade.

Project Highlights: One of our crew noticed that they were NC State fans. So after the installation, we bought them a brand new NC State yard flag that they could place in their brand new lawn.

Sod Installation in Historic Apex

A Safe, Clean, and Tidy Backyard

Apex Neighborhood: Historic Apex

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Shade/sun mix

Lawn Challenge: The client reached out following some major renovations to her home in the historic district of Apex. The lawn was going to be the final touch after a long period of working with contractors, home renovations, and deck/patio installations. It was of utmost importance to her that her three kids could play freely in a safe, clean, and tidy backyard.

Sod Type Recommendation: The client chose Empire Zoysia with the beautiful thick grass blades and tolerance to the foot traffic of her outdoor-loving kids.

Scope of Work: Peak Sodding was contracted to complete a full transformation including tilling the existing ground which was primarily dirt and light gravel. Our crew brought in a heavy load of topsoil to distribute throughout the yard providing an excellent base of soil for the new sod. Finally, the sod was installed and rolled out thoroughly so the client and her family could begin watering their new lawn right away. 

Interesting Challenge:

The season was getting late for a warm-season installation. It was critical to the client that they could get this lawn finished and finally allow her kids to truly enjoy their property. This meant good communication and proper expectations were key. By educating the client on the various risks and care requirements of a late-season sod installation, she was able to feel confident and comfortable with moving forward. 

Project Highlights:

Upon the very first visit to the property, I was welcomed by the client’s 3 smiling kids. I knew right away that this would be so much more than just a simple sod installation. We were helping the client build a safe, beautiful place for her kids to enjoy. We made certain that her daughter had the most important job of picking out the prettiest grass type before we moved forward. The excitement on their faces when they knew their parents were getting them a new lawn was hard to beat. We were privileged to be a part of their lawn transformation. 

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