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Sod Installation Apex NC

Seeking Green Grass To Enjoy

Apex Neighborhood: Amherst

Project Location: Front and sides

Lawn Environment: Sunny/shade mix

Lawn Challenge: The client reached out to us looking to get a lawn established on an area that had been mostly mud and weeds for months. They were tired of the constant mess and eager to have grass to enjoy and do away with the mud.

Most important to the client was having a lawn that could tolerate the environment of the lawn, but also something that wouldn’t require significant maintenance. On top of that, finding a solution that would eliminate the muddiness and erosion was key.

Sod Type Recommendation: The recommendation boiled down to a medium and a high-grade Zoysia. Especially due to the sun/shade mix they had, Zoysia was the clear choice based upon their preferences.

Scope of Work: After a thorough assessment, we went forward with a Zeon Zoysia turf due to its exceptional tolerance of both sun and shade. The thickness of the turf would allow for the water flow to be evenly distributed throughout the lawn as opposed to single rivers of water forming. This would solve the problem of erosion and finally, we brought in soil to evenly smooth out the entire surface areas of the lawn to ensure a proper grade for water to follow as well. 

Interesting Challenge: We did run into a concern with the neighbors lawn bordering the new lawn with a different turf type. We spoke with the neighbors to ensure they were aware of the installation and the potential for the new grass to creep. They appreciated the thought and actually loved the idea of letting it creep!

Project Highlights: Taking the time to understanding the ‘why’ behind this project allowed us to connect with exactly what our clients were hoping for this lawn.

Sod Installation in Scott's Hill Neighborhood of Apex

Tired of The Front Yard

Apex Neighborhood: Scott’s Hill

Project Location: Front yard

Lawn Environment: Mostly sun with some minor shade

Lawn Challenge: The client was tired of their lawn which was entirely weeds. They wanted something, thick, lush and lower maintenance. They knew they would have to do some maintenance, but they wanted to ensure that this grass wasn’t going to be easily taken over with weeds again.

Sod Type Recommendation: After a conversation about their preferences and the needs of their lawn, we decided on a Zeon Zoysia.

Scope of Work: The weeds on this lawn were thick. It needed a thorough scraping and soil brought in to really smooth out the ground and give the new sod an excellent root base.

Interesting Challenge: This was a funny challenge. On the day of installation, due to an entry error from the supplier, the delivery man showed up with one roll of sod. One. While it is easy to look back and chuckle, it meant that we had to delay the actual installation of the sod until after the weekend. This was challenging, but it all worked out in the end!

Project Highlights: Homeowners gave us the opportunity to help them fix their bare backyard with a new lawn installation. We recommended Tifway 419 Bermuda and Tiftuf Bermuda giving the owners 2 options for durability. Both of which were capable of recovering from greater than normal wear and tear and also growing well in full sun.

Sod Installation in Apex Neighborhood of Indian Trails

Patchy Grass Lawn Redo

Apex Neighborhood: Sandy Springs

Project Location: Patchwork front and back yard

Lawn Environment: Shade/sun mix

Lawn Challenge: The client had many patchy areas throughout his Zoysia/Fescue lawn. He was concerned it wouldn’t recover unless they sodded it.

Sod Type Recommendation: After our assessment, we were able to determine the exact type of Zoysia they needed as well as a positive solution for the grass to be done without redoing the entire lawn.

Scope of Work: We had to carefully remove the surface layer of weeds and patchy grass. Once this was done, we again raked out further dirt to ensure a very clean and flush level before the sod went down. 

Interesting Challenge: Being able to level the lawn exactly with the existing grass is always tough. But with good attention and careful shoveling and rake, we were able to successfully maintain flush grade.

Project Highlights: Besides a few roots that needed chopping out, this was a fun installation!

After years of neglect, we had a lot of bare spots. Ben gave us a great estimate sodding these areas. They did the work promptly and did a great job. Their website also taught me how to water properly, which I learned is probably got the bare spaces to start with. Super job!


Sod Installation Seagroves Farm Neighborhood of Apex NC

Full Sun in Seagroves

Apex Neighborhood: Seagroves Farm

Project Location: Entire yard

Lawn Environment: Full sun

Lawn Challenge: They had moved into this home about two years prior and were tired of the way the lawn looked. It wasn’t level, it had bare patches and it was covered in weeds. They were ready for a change and lawn they could enjoy.

Sod Type Recommendation: We wanted to understand just why they wanted a new lawn beyond the look. We found that it was not only important to have a lawn that solved their immediate problems, but they also loved the idea of a grass lawn they could walk on barefoot without all the prickliness. We recommended Northbridge Bermuda as the turf type.

Scope of Work: Our team brought in a mini skid steer to do an extra careful job to the grading. Once everything was roughly smoothed, we brought in an additional layer of premium soil to give the new Bermuda a healthy base.

Interesting Challenge: They had a tree that had been removed in the middle of their front lawn. Above all else, they wanted to ensure the hump was smoothed out and the grass was covering the area. The tree that had been removed had left many roots beneath the surface. Clearing these out properly was a very important challenge to overcome to maintain an even grade.

Project Highlights: One of our crew noticed that they were NC State fans. So after the installation, we bought them a brand new NC State yard flag that they could place in their brand new lawn.

Sod Installation in Historic Apex

A Safe, Clean, and Tidy Backyard

Apex Neighborhood: Historic Apex

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Shade/sun mix

Lawn Challenge: The client reached out following some major renovations to her home in the historic district of Apex. The lawn was going to be the final touch after a long period of working with contractors, home renovations, and deck/patio installations. It was of utmost importance to her that her three kids could play freely in a safe, clean, and tidy backyard.

Sod Type Recommendation: The client chose Empire Zoysia with the beautiful thick grass blades and tolerance to the foot traffic of her outdoor-loving kids.

Scope of Work: Peak Sodding was contracted to complete a full transformation including tilling the existing ground which was primarily dirt and light gravel. Our crew brought in a heavy load of topsoil to distribute throughout the yard providing an excellent base of soil for the new sod. Finally, the sod was installed and rolled out thoroughly so the client and her family could begin watering their new lawn right away. 

Interesting Challenge:

The season was getting late for a warm-season installation. It was critical to the client that they could get this lawn finished and finally allow her kids to truly enjoy their property. This meant good communication and proper expectations were key. By educating the client on the various risks and care requirements of a late-season sod installation, she was able to feel confident and comfortable with moving forward. 

Project Highlights:

Upon the very first visit to the property, I was welcomed by the client’s 3 smiling kids. I knew right away that this would be so much more than just a simple sod installation. We were helping the client build a safe, beautiful place for her kids to enjoy. We made certain that her daughter had the most important job of picking out the prettiest grass type before we moved forward. The excitement on their faces when they knew their parents were getting them a new lawn was hard to beat. We were privileged to be a part of their lawn transformation. 

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Low Maintenance and Tolerance for Foot Traffic

Apex Neighborhood: Walden Creek

Project Location: Entire lawn

Lawn Environment: The front yard has full sunlight and the side yards are shady and on a steep slope. The backyard has a combination of full sun and some shady areas. 

Lawn Challenge: The client wants a beautiful summer lawn that requires low maintenance and tolerance to foot traffic in the backyard for their children to play.

Sod Type Recommendation: We recommended Zenith Zoysia as it is one of the most traffic-tolerant Zoysia with some shade tolerance as well. 

Scope of Work: Our recommendation was to sod the front yard, side yards, and the main portion of the back yard.

Interesting Challenge: The side yards have a steep slope with a lot of erosion.

Apex's Dogwood Ridge Zeon Zoysia Sod Installation

Heavy Duty Drainage Materials

Apex Neighborhood: Dogwood Ridge

Project Location: Backyard

Lawn Environment: Our client had a Bermuda grass lawn in their backyard. However, they were encountering difficulties with thinning patches and the invasion of moss in the sparse areas. The Bermuda grass was struggling due to inadequate direct sunlight and extremely poor drainage.

Lawn Challenge:  Our client expressed his desire for a grass variety that could thrive in a partially shady environment, resist weed growth, and ultimately transform his lawn into a beautiful and revitalized space while also providing the proper drainage for the area to avoid too much water in the backyard.

Sod Type Recommendation: Choosing the right sod variety is crucial when aiming for a flourishing lawn, especially in areas with partial shade. While Bermuda grass typically thrives in full sun, certain varieties are better equipped to tolerate moderate shade. Understanding this, we recommended Zeon Zoysia, an exceptional sod variety known for its shade tolerance and stunning lush green appearance.

Scope of Work: Proper soil preparation is essential for successful sod installation, particularly when dealing with issues like thinning patches and weed growth. We meticulously assessed the soil, removing debris and weeds, and proceeded to till and amend it. By enhancing drainage, and nutrient availability, and creating an optimal soil structure, we created the perfect environment for the sod to establish its roots and thrive.

Interesting Challenge: One of our client’s key requests was to ensure proper drainage tie-in downspouts on either side of the screened-in porch and route outside of the yard and requested that we specifically not use a corrugated pipe. To address this concern, we made sure we used the correct heavy-duty materials as our client requested. 

Project Highlights: Our client was eager to renew his backyard as he takes pride in all the work he puts into maintaining his yard. He placed his trust in our team to achieve this vision, prompting us to go above and beyond in delivering exceptional results.

Apex's Dogwood Ridge Zenith Zoysia Sod Installation

Poor Appearance

Apex Neighborhood: Dogwood Ridge

Project Location: Front yard and entire left side

Lawn Environment: The client’s home is on a corner entrance to a small cul-de-sac off one of the main roads in his neighborhood so the left side of the yard is very visible and has a mixture of full sun in some spots but shady in other areas.

Lawn Challenge: The client expressed the need to sod the area due to the poor appearance of the lawn, some of the large trees around his home had created shade and led to the dominance of weeds, overshadowing the Bermuda grass. He is also hoping for grass that will be low in maintenance.

Sod Type Recommendation: We recommended Zenith Zoysia as the ideal sod variety for the project. Its shade tolerance, combined with its proven success in the yard along with low maintenance required, made it the perfect choice to create a lush and thriving lawn.

Project Success Criteria: The Client emphasized the importance of restoring the lawn’s appearance and eliminating the sparse areas. Also to gain control over the lawn with minimal maintenance. 

Scope of Work: Our recommended scope of work involved sodding the entire left side and front yard with Zenith Zoysia. This encompassed meticulous soil preparation, removal of existing weeds, and creating of optimal conditions for the sod to establish strong roots. Our goal was to provide the Client with a rejuvenated lawn that would no longer appear patchy or weak and thrive just as well in the shadier areas as the areas that get full sun.

Interesting Challenge: Throughout the project, we encountered an intriguing challenge related to parking our work vehicles. Due to road resurfacing in the neighborhood, we had to park our vehicles a bit further from the job site at times. This required us to coordinate logistics and ensure efficient transportation of equipment and materials.

Interesting Insight:  We greatly appreciate the Client’s unwavering trust and commitment to transforming his lawn into a stunning and thriving landscape. His dedication to creating an enjoyable outdoor space for himself and others to appreciate is truly admirable.

Successful Installation: Absolutely! Stephen and his family are overjoyed with the exceptional results of the sod installation. The Zenith Zoysia sod has worked its magic, effectively filling in the sparse areas and creating a lush, uniform, and visually captivating landscape that surpasses their expectations.

Project Obstacles: Fortunately, we successfully navigated the project with minimal obstacles. One minor obstacle arose when our supplier accidentally delivered an entire extra pallet of sod. However, it did not hinder our progress, and the supplier promptly retrieved the excess sod after we completed the installation. Our team’s expertise, meticulous planning, and adaptability ensured a seamless and satisfying outcome for the Client and his family.


Apex's Salem Oaks Tiftuf Bermuda Sod Installation

Tough Enough for the Dogs

Apex Neighborhood: Salem Oaks

Project Location: Front yard and right side

Lawn Environment: The client’s lawn consists of Fescue grass, which suffers greatly during the summer. Drainage was installed last year, but the grass did not establish well and is easily damaged by the dogs. The lawn has a mix of shade and sun exposure.

Lawn Challenge: The client is seeking a lower-maintenance grass variety that requires less watering. They are specifically looking for a grass type that can tolerate the traffic from their dogs.

Sod Type Recommendation: We recommended Tiftuf Bermuda grass as the most suitable option. This grass variety is known for its low maintenance requirements, excellent drought tolerance, and ability to withstand heavy dog traffic.

Project Success Criteria: The most important factor for the client during project discussions was finding a grass type that would require less maintenance and watering while being resilient enough to handle the wear and tear of their dogs.

Scope of Work: Proper soil preparation is essential for successful sod installation, particularly when dealing with issues like thinning patches and weed growth. We meticulously assessed the soil, removing debris and weeds, and proceeded to till and amend it. By enhancing drainage, and nutrient availability, and creating an optimal soil structure, we created the perfect environment for the sod to establish its roots and thrive.

Interesting Challenge: One interesting challenge in this project was addressing the inadequate watering near the street by the driveway during the initial week. The sprinkler system did not reach that area, which led to potential burnout due to its proximity to the concrete curb. To overcome this challenge, I advised the client to increase watering to revive the stressed-out sod rolls in that specific area.

Interesting Insight:  It was discovered that the client’s daughter had created an adorable fairy garden near the entrance of the house. This insight highlighted the client’s desire for a lawn that not only met practical needs but also provided a pleasant and enjoyable space for their family.

Project Obstacles: The first week or so they were not watering enough near the street by the driveway. It appears as if their sprinkler was not reaching that far and since it is the area closest to the concrete curb it is going to burn up the most. We advised the client to amp up on watering to revive the stressed-out rolls.

Golden Nuggets: The client now has a lawn that their daughter can delight in, and their dogs can enjoy without concern about causing irreparable damage. The chosen Tiftuf Bermuda grass provides the desired low maintenance and drought tolerance, allowing the client to have a beautiful and resilient lawn.

Tiftuf Bermuda and Zeon Zoysia

Two Grass Types Are The Answer

Apex Neighborhood: Horton’s Pond Rd.

Project Location: Front yard, backyard

Lawn Environment: The project takes place in a new construction home with a spacious lot. Although there is still ongoing work on the property, the house is complete, and the surroundings offer ample space in the middle of the woods. 

Lawn Challenge: The client desires durable and traffic-tolerant grass for the backyard to ensure a safe play area for their kids and their neighbor’s children. In the front yard, they seek aesthetically pleasing grass that requires minimal maintenance and can handle some shade. Additionally, the client specifically wants a grass variety with fine leaf blades.

Sod Type Recommendation: After careful consideration, TifTuf Bermuda was recommended for the backyard due to its high tolerance to heavy traffic, perfect for active children. For the front yard, the client’s choice was Zeon Zoysia, known for choking out weeds and its lush and dense appearance. To complement the landscaping around the trees in the front, mulch was suggested to prevent bare dirt in those areas.

Project Success Criteria: Proper excavation of the land is vital to ensure correct grading for drainage, and meticulous leveling is essential to avoid any uneven surfaces that could pose risks while children play.

Scope of Work: The soil on the property had a significant amount of clay, rocks, and construction debris, requiring extensive tilling and excavation before sod installation.

Interesting Challenge: An intriguing challenge encountered during the project was the property’s location down a long gravel road, approximately a mile from the main road. To facilitate the sod delivery, the team had to strategically load their trucks and trailers on the road while the rest of the pallets were brought by the delivery driver’s forklift.

Interesting Insight:   One interesting insight about the client is their strong emphasis on creating a safe and enjoyable environment for their family and neighbors by carefully selecting the right grass varieties for different areas.

Project Obstacles: The project faced two main obstacles. First, there was a shortage of mulch for an area in the front yard, but the team quickly arranged a last-minute delivery from their supplier, accommodating the client’s needs. Second, they ran short on sod, but a timely order was placed, and the sod was installed promptly, ensuring seamless project completion.

Golden Nuggets: The successful implementation of TifTuf Bermuda and Zeon Zoysia has transformed the client’s backyard into a safe and attractive play area. The lush green addition to their new home not only enhances the property’s appeal but also brings joy and satisfaction to the client, their family, and neighbors.

Successful Installation: Yes, the installation was successful, and now the client, their family, and neighbors can fully enjoy the backyard with its durable and lush green grass.

Apex's Abbington Sod Installation

Minimal Maintenance

Apex Neighborhood: Abbington

Project Location: Entire yard, Front, back, and side.

Lawn Environment: The front yard receives full sun in most areas, with some parts experiencing partial shade. It currently has patches of common Bermuda grass and an abundance of weeds. The backyard is mostly bare, with some moss growth due to heavy shade conditions.

Lawn Challenge:  The client is seeking a grass type that requires minimal maintenance while adding a beautiful appearance to their home. They envision a lawn that resembles a clean carpet, with fine blades for a soft and enjoyable walking experience for themselves and their son.

Sod Type Recommendation: We recommended Zeon Zoysia as the best choice for this project. Its shade tolerance makes it suitable for both the front yard with partial shade and the heavily shaded backyard. Zeon Zoysia’s dense growth pattern achieves the desired carpet-like appearance, while its easy maintenance aligns with the client’s preferences.

Project Success Criteria: Ensuring the proper functionality of the irrigation system is crucial for the client. They are aware that some areas may require repairs, and it’s essential to check and address any issues before proceeding with the sodding.

Scope of Work: The recommended scope of work involves installing Zeon Zoysia sod in both the front and backyard areas, taking into account the different light conditions and shade levels. Additionally, a thorough inspection and repair of the irrigation system are essential before sodding. Also, clearing out all the beds and spreading a generous amount of designer brown mulch. 

Interesting Challenge: A significant challenge faced during the project was addressing the irrigation system’s issues. However, the installer made diligent efforts to repair and restore its functionality, ensuring proper watering for the newly sodded areas. Another challenge arose from a slight delay due to the previous job running behind schedule, impacting the installation timeline.

Interesting Insight: The client has a background in Food Science and Seafood Technology Processing and is semi-retired. He has two sons, a 39-year-old and a 12-year-old son who has a passion for identifying different amphibians and fish species.

Project Obstacles: One obstacle encountered was the client’s initial dissatisfaction with the sod’s appearance due to heat stress during harvest. However, the team assured him that this is common during high-temperature days and provided watering instructions to nurse the sod back to health. They also guaranteed replacement for any sod rolls that did not recover.

Golden Nuggets: The newly sodded lawn provides a safe and enjoyable play area for our client’s nature-loving son. Now, the family can spend quality time outdoors, exploring the lawn’s lush and soft grass while cherishing their love for identifying different amphibians and fish species together.

Successful Installation: Yes, the installation was successful, with Zeon Zoysia sod being laid in both the front and backyard areas, creating the desired carpet-like and lush appearance.

Apex Sod Installation Zeon

Grass That Thrives and Shines

Apex Neighborhood: Merion

Project Location: Front yard and partial side yard.

Lawn Environment: Our client’s front yard was a Centipede lawn that had seen better days. Unfortunately, the majority of the yard didn’t get the right amount of sunlight due to the shade from the surrounding landscape and the house’s structure. Centipede grass prefers full sun, which isn’t quite its reality here.

Lawn Challenge:   Our client has a vision for their landscape that is aiming for a fresh and refined look that can thrive even in shaded areas. They’re hoping to find grass that not only tolerates the shade but also adds a touch of elegance to their outdoor space.

Sod Type Recommendation: In this case, our top recommendation was none other than the stunning Zeon Zoysia. We’re particularly fond of its appearance, but what truly makes it the right fit is its ability to handle shade. That’s a key factor that makes Zeon Zoysia perfect for this project.

Project Success Criteria: For our client, it’s not just about installing any grass – it’s about installing grass that not only thrives and shines but also harmonizes with the surrounding shade. A visually striking yet shade-friendly grass is what they’re looking for.

Scope of Work: Our plan involved working on the back half of the front yard. This meant making thoughtful adjustments near the driveway and around the sides, even overlapping with their neighbor’s property line. Along with working around the curvature in their landscape. 

Interesting Challenge: We had a bit of an interesting twist in this project. The installation area wasn’t the entire front yard; it was the back half, stretching from the driveway toward the side, and even a bit onto their neighbor’s property line.

Project Obstacles: We did have a minor hurdle to overcome – a small section beside the house required some extra attention. We brought in an additional pallet of sod to ensure everything looked seamless and vibrant.

Successful Installation: The installation was a definite success, and the client’s satisfaction tells the story. They’re thrilled with how the grass looks and how efficiently our team handled the installation process.