Sod Installation

Quality Sod Installation

for Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Fuquay Varina, Garner & Clayton, NC

On the surface, our sod installation service may look like an easy task. Sure, it is labor intensive and you may be looking to hire some purely for that alone. But here’s the deal. The process is a whole lot more than just throwing down some grass and hoping it sticks. It requires care, expertise and a proper understanding of the turf itself.


Our process involves careful attention to each detail throughout. From the turf selection to the preparation and installation, we want you to feel confident that your lawn is in trusted hands. This means continued communication and clear timelines, and a crew that has received hands on training to ensure quality standards are met.



The consultation begins by meeting you at your lawn to identify your needs. Communication is essential. We need to be able to understand your desires for your project as well as identify any challenges we will need to prepare for along the way.

There are an abundance of different turf types to choose from. So being able to find the best fit for your lawn’s environment and your personal preferences is essential to its success. Next, we must assess the lawn itself and make sure the proper preparation plan is laid out. This means identifying drainage and soil needs so your new sod won’t leave you with more problems than you started with. Finally, we measure the area and prepare an estimate based upon the information discussed.


Sod installation is not a cheap process, but it is our principle to provide more in value than we receive in payment. There are various factors that may influence the overall pricing. From turf type, to preparation of the lawn areas, to equipment and materials required, we make sure everything is covered so you can feel confident in a successful installation. The estimate is broken down into price per sq ft based upon the turf type you recieve. 

Once approved, a deposit is made and our office will immediately follow up to provide next steps. 

For more information regarding estimates, please check out our blog specifically discussing this subject: 


Communication from start to finish is a value we consider absolutely crucial. This starts by making sure you have clear expectations for before, during and after the project. 

Once your estimate has been approved, our office will immediately reach out to provide schedule expectations as well as any potential weather delays and material drop off times. Any changes are always made known to you immediately so you are never caught off guard. Once the installation is complete, we will continue the communication so you know precisely how to care for your new lawn to ensure the highest level of success.

Two weeks following your installation, we will follow up once more for a quality inspection and ensure everything is coming along properly.


Finally, the installation itself. Our well-trained crew will arrive on the schedule date ready to begin. You will receive a knock on the door so you may have the opportunity to ask any questions upon arrival. 

The team will then commence the clearing of the existing area, preparation and addition of any new soil and finally, the installation of the sod itself. The attention to detail involves carefully ensuring the sod seams fit together evenly without major gaps or overlaps. The crew will then cut around the edges to give your lawn a finished, clean and natural look. Once the installation process is complete, the crew will begin clean up and disposal of any unwanted materials. You will receive another knock on the door upon completion to ensure nothing is missed, then watering guidelines will be provided and your installation will be officially be complete!

Our Sod Installation Creates Luscious Green Grass for Your Property

The sod installation process includes the spreading of fresh compost, tilling, and, of course, the installation of new sod on top, handled carefully by our team of experts. We’ll make sure your sod is firmly in the soil below and evened out on top. You can always count on the best look for your lawn from Peak Sodding.

Sod installation services are available from Peak Sodding for both residential and commercial properties in the Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina, Garner and Clayton, NC area. Ask us about the different sod options available to you. We’ll find the specific grass that matches the rest of your lawn or looks best with your property. Once our sod is installed, it is easy to care for and we’ll offer exactly what you want in a stunning lawn. Call us today to get started.