Green Grass Growth: Our Sod Installation Approach for a Lawn You'll Love

Homeowners call us to discuss lawn challenges. Homeowners choose us to deliver green grass growth.

Green Grass Growth

With hundreds of installs completed, we’ve cracked the code to solve homeowners’ lawn challenges! Green Grass Growth, our sod installation approach, is the area’s only sod installation service of its kind. Discover what makes our approach different and gives us the confidence that we can provide your lawn with green grass growth!

Quality Locally-Sourced Sod

Quality sod sourcing helps us deliver green grass growth. We seasonally inspect and test sod farms across NC to identify the area’s sod farmers that deliver well-cut rolls with good color and fertilization.

The Right Sod Selection for Your Lawn’s Environment

Lawn environments vary and therefore the right sod for lawns does too. Peak Sodding provides homeowners sod options that will work for their lawn. Whether your lawn gets full sun, partial shade, or experiences heavy traffic, sod selection is critical to your lawn’s potential for green grass growth.

Optimal Sub-Base Preparation for Sod Installation

Prior to sod installation, your lawn needs to be prepped to create an optimal foundation for sod establishment. Whether it’s debris removal, grading for drainage, or the addition of soil, a new lawn’s success depends on it. Peak Sodding has the tools and equipment to get the preparation done right. 

A Dedicated Lawn Sodding Team On Your Job Site

With Peak Sodding, a dedicated lawn sodding team is on your job site. We are sod installation specialists. Our specialization creates project efficiencies that only come with experience.

Sod Installation for Your Lawn Environment

Peak Sodding solves homeowners’ lawn challenges by selecting, then installing, the right sod for the lawn environment. Check out the lawn challenges we’ve solved for.

Sod Installation in Amherst Neighborhood of Apex

Seeking Green Grass To Enjoy

Apex Neighborhood: Amherst

Project Location: Front and sides

Lawn Environment: Sunny/shade mix

Lawn Challenge: The client reached out to us looking to get a lawn established on an area that had been mostly mud and weeds for months. They were tired of the constant mess and eager to have grass to enjoy and do away with the mud.

Most important to the client was having a lawn that could tolerate the environment of the lawn, but also something that wouldn’t require significant maintenance. On top of that, finding a solution that would eliminate the muddiness and erosion was key.

Sod Type Recommendation: The recommendation boiled down to a medium and a high-grade Zoysia. Especially due to the sun/shade mix they had, Zoysia was the clear choice based upon their preferences.

Scope of Work: After a thorough assessment, we went forward with a Zeon Zoysia turf due to its exceptional tolerance of both sun and shade. The thickness of the turf would allow for the water flow to be evenly distributed throughout the lawn as opposed to single rivers of water forming. This would solve the problem of erosion and finally, we brought in soil to evenly smooth out the entire surface areas of the lawn to ensure a proper grade for water to follow as well. 

Interesting Challenge: We did run into a concern with the neighbors lawn bordering the new lawn with a different turf type. We spoke with the neighbors to ensure they were aware of the installation and the potential for the new grass to creep. They appreciated the thought and actually loved the idea of letting it creep!

Project Highlights: Taking the time to understanding the ‘why’ behind this project allowed us to connect with exactly what our clients were hoping for this lawn.

Sod Installation in Scott's Hill Neighborhood of Apex

Tired of The Front Yard

Apex Neighborhood: Scott’s Hill

Project Location: Front yard

Lawn Environment: Mostly sun with some minor shade

Lawn Challenge: The client was tired of their lawn which was entirely weeds. They wanted something, thick, lush and lower maintenance. They knew they would have to do some maintenance, but they wanted to ensure that this grass wasn’t going to be easily taken over with weeds again.

Sod Type Recommendation: After a conversation about their preferences and the needs of their lawn, we decided on a Zeon Zoysia.

Scope of Work: The weeds on this lawn were thick. It needed a thorough scraping and soil brought in to really smooth out the ground and give the new sod an excellent root base.

Interesting Challenge: This was a funny challenge. On the day of installation, due to an entry error from the supplier, the delivery man showed up with one roll of sod. One. While it is easy to look back and chuckle, it meant that we had to delay the actual installation of the sod until after the weekend. This was challenging, but it all worked out in the end!

Project Highlights: Homeowners gave us the opportunity to help them fix their bare backyard with a new lawn installation. We recommended Tifway 419 Bermuda and Tiftuf Bermuda giving the owners 2 options for durability. Both of which were capable of recovering from greater than normal wear and tear and also growing well in full sun.

Sod Installation: How We Work

If you are considering replacing your lawn with us, we will strive to keep you informed from start to finish. Here are four steps in our process that might help you better understand how we would work to give you the lawn you’ll love.

Sod Installation in Southern Wake County

1 - Sod Installation Consultation and Estimate

Within 24 hours of your request, we will contact you to schedule a consultation. Within 48-72 hours, you will have an estimate in hand. 

We will come out and assess your lawn’s condition and professionally measure the yard. With preferences decided, Peak Sodding will walk-thru sod installation costs and provide a written estimate with special requests noted.

For your convenience, we provide a pricing range for sod installation (prior to an on-site consultation) for individuals in the early planning or budgeting stage. For a pricing range, we will request photos of your lawn.

2 - You Let Us Know You Are Ready to Start

When you have notified Peak Sodding of your intention to proceed, we will request a signed estimate and we will provide you a confirmation receipt. A deposit is required to begin the job with the balance paid upon completion of the project.

3 - Sod Installation Scheduling

Projects are placed into the production schedule based on your preference for dates and our existing bookings. Most projects kick off within 14 days. Should weather or other issues alter the schedule, you will be notified proactively.

4 - Our Friendly Communication Policy & Door Knocks

Peak Sodding will communicate with you throughout the process proactively. We want to make sure you have clear expectations for what we’ll do before, during, and after the sod installation. Any changes are always made known to you immediately so you are never caught off guard. On install day, specifically, our team makes a point to deliver friendly door knocks to let you know of our arrival and departure.

The Peak Sodding Project Timeline

Peak Sodding will notify you in advance of our crew’s material drop-offs and on the first day of the project so you can prepare. Any changes to the timeline discussed will be communicated to you in advance, including weather delays.

Sod Rolls for Sod Installation


Healthy sod is at the root of what we do. Prior to installation, our team will inspect the sod and we are very intentional about scheduling our install deliveries so that the sod is placed in the yard within 24-48 hours for the most optimal chance of rooting quickly. 


The preparation for sod installation typically takes half a day and consists of removing the old grass and prepping for the new. We will be excavating and removing all debris that could interfere with root establishment and water movement. The team will be grading the soil for drainage, tilling around trees, and redistributing or adding additional topsoil as needed in preparation for the fresh sod that will be added. Any removed material will be hauled away by Peak Sodding, unless otherwise discussed during the consultation.

Install Day PM - LET'S Install

With the scope of most projects, the installation of a new lawn will typically take one afternoon (for larger projects with greater scope the installation process can take longer). Once the installation process is complete, the team will clean up and dispose of any unwanted materials. You will receive a knock on the door upon completion to ensure nothing is missed, then watering guidelines will be provided and your installation will officially be complete!

Post-iNstall - Time To Water

Post-installation watering is critical to the success of your new lawn. Establishing a healthy rooting system for the sod in its new environment requires ample hydration. We advise our customers of the recommended watering schedule and will provide homeowners with written instructions for when and how long to water during the critical first two weeks post-install.

Next 2 weeks

We typically advise our clients to water consistently for the first 2 weeks to keep the below-turf soil moist for optimal rooting. Since weather conditions and your lawn environment could play a factor, our team will advise you as of any specific watering recommendations for your project. 

2-Week Follow-Up Inspection

Two weeks following your installation, we will stop by for a quality inspection and ensure everything is coming along properly.

Now... Enjoy Your Lawn's Green Grass Growth!

Sod Installation Green Grass Growth

How Much Will Sod Installation Cost in Southern Wake County?

The cost of sod installation varies based on size, sub-base requirements, and your sod selection but we understand when you are planning sometimes you just need answers quickly and simply.

If you are not ready to dive into the details but want to make sure you can account for the right amount of budget for your sod installation project, we recommend requesting an Online Quote. Our team will request photos of the area you wish to sod and be happy to provide you a quote for budgeting or early planning.

If you are ready to dive into the details and make some sod choices, we would recommend scheduling an On-Site Estimate so that we can assess your sub-base requirements and discuss the sod turf type you desire that will factor into the final pricing of your project.



Sod installs are priced by the area to be sodded, in square feet. Accurate measurements are needed to determine the size of the job.


Sub-Base Requirements

Requirements are determined based on the type of soil at your home, your lawn’s environment (whether it be full sun or a shady space) as well as the condition of the current sub-base, and your lawn’s drainage needs.


Sod Selection & Special Requests

The sod you select and any special requests will be factored into the cost of installation. To accommodate differing homeowners’ budgets, we attempt to provide you with more than one suitable option for your lawn, clearly detailing the pros and cons of each, so you can decide what is best for you.

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