Sod Success Supervisor Iris Ramirez

Meet Iris Ramirez: Landscape Supervisor, Drumming Supermom, and Expert in Turfgrass Management.

A Strong Focus on Striving for Excellence

Iris Ramirez is a family-oriented and hardworking individual, born in Central America and raised in California.

Her personality can be described as loyal, honest, and efficient, with a strong focus on striving for excellence in all aspects of life.

If you were to ask her best friend, they would likely describe her as someone who is respectful, enjoys having a good laugh, and is dedicated to her family and work.

A Passion for the industry

In her professional life, Iris discovered her passion for the landscape industry nine years ago when she joined her Peak Sodding colleague Shannon Hathaway’s landscape company. Over time, she developed a deep understanding of Turfgrass and became an NC State Turfgrass expert with Super-Sod, where she also took on the role of project management.

Iris finds the landscape industry attractive because of the aesthetic appeal it brings to properties, along with the ever-changing beauty of nature with each passing season. She enjoys creating functional and efficient workflows, and once things are productive, she takes pleasure in exploring innovative ways to grow and improve.

Iris’ bilingual skills, organizational abilities, and efficiency are some of the key strengths she brings to the table, adding value to the companies she works with. 

Currently, Iris is further expanding her expertise with Peak Sodding, and she looks forward to the opportunities for growth and continuous learning that lie ahead.

Peak Sodding's Iris Ramirez

Winning the most “kudos”

Throughout her career, Iris has received numerous acknowledgments and companywide awards for her dedication and outstanding performance. From achieving top sales with United Cellular to receiving the most “kudos” companywide with Super-Sod, her hard work and commitment have consistently been recognized and for this we are truly honored to have her on our Peak Sodding team.

Take a look at our Google reviews to get a feel for how Iris will work with you on your project!

“From start to finish, this project was EASY! I emailed 8 other companies and Ben was the only person to email a response and call me THE SAME DAY! He was professional, on time and very easy to work with. Iris was diligent with her scheduling, walk-through, and follow-up. We truly could not have asked for more! And- the lawn looks great. THANK YOU!” – Tina Robinette

We have a beautiful lawn now thanks to Peak Sodding! Jose and Iris were a wealth of knowledge and made sure to do a quality, detailed job and answer all of our questions! One of the workers even saw my son struggling to put a trash bag in the dumpster and he ran over to help him. We highly recommend this company!” – Leah Grace Lombardi

Ben and Iris are so friendly and knowledgeable, it is a pleasure to work with them. The sod was put in professionally and on time. Iris made sure it was thoroughly watered twice before leaving and even offered to help out with future watering because I went out of town. Above and Beyond expectations! Highly recommend Peak Sodding.” – Barbara Granzow