By SHANNON HATHAWAY, Landscape Horticulturist and Sod Specialist

Great minds must truly think alike because there are five questions we get asked most frequently. To help simplify your sod search, I have compiled the top five questions into one blog for you. 

When Should I Install Sod in NC?

The answer depends on the sod variety. Fescue, a cool season grass, should be installed from September through February in central NC. While it can be installed in other months, the success rate will be lower. Fescue roots best in cool weather and struggles when it is hot outside. The answer for warm-season grasses varies. Zeon and other fine-bladed zoysias, as well as Centipede, should be installed May through August (or September if the hot weather remains). They must be fully greened up and they need time to root well before dormancy. Zenith and other wide-bladed zoysias, as well as Bermuda, can be sodded year-round with the following caveat. If the area receives traffic in the winter, do not sod with dormant sod because it will have trouble rooting firmly with traffic. 

What Guarantees are Provided With Sod Installation?

Sod, like all plants, is a living thing. We guarantee that your sod will arrive fresh, in sound and living condition. We guarantee that we will install it properly in accordance with the process outlined here. Once your sod is installed, it is dependent upon you to provide the care it needs to thrive. We will give you care instructions and be available to answer your questions during business hours. We have  lots of helpful FAQs and blog articles to answer your questions any time! Like a new pet, your care is the key factor once it is yours. 

Is Seeding Cheaper Than Sod?

In theory, yes. In practice, this question deserves a more complex answer. Let’s start with the fact that most hybrid grass varieties are not available in seed form. Zeon Zoysia and TifTuf Bermuda, for example, are sterile hybrids and cannot be grown from seed. Fescue is the easiest grass to grow from seed but the planting window is very short (early to mid October). Bermuda seed is available but not in hybrid form, so the result is the wiry common Bermuda. Zenith Zoysia is available in seed, as is Centipede, but warm season grasses take 3 weeks to germinate and 3 years to fill in – a very long and frustrating process. 

Which Sod Variety is Best for Me?

Many factors are used to determine the answer to this question. This is the best place to start: Types Of Grass | Choosing The Right Grass For You And Your Yard | Shannon Hathaway | Peak Sodding

How Do I Maintain New Sod?

Each sod variety has specific care requirements. We cover the care needs of each sod variety we install on the page for that variety. For example: Fescue – Peak Sodding | Southern Wake County We also provide you with specific care instructions when your new sod is installed. We are here for you! 

As turf experts, we are here to answer all your grass and turf questions. We also encourage you to subscribe to TurfFiles | NC State Extension ( We want you to be successful! 


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