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Sod Installer of Southern Wake County, Peak Sodding, is focused on solving homeowners’ lawn challenges with Green Grass Growth!

Sod Installer Solving Lawn Challenges

Lawn challenges are frustrating. Whether you are facing a full-on weed invasion or struggle to get grass to grow, Peak Sodding has solved even the most frustrating lawn challenges for homeowners with Green Grass Growth.

Sod Installer Solving Lawn Challenges

Green Grass Growth

With hundreds of installs completed, we’ve cracked the code to solving homeowners’ lawn challenges! Green Grass Growth, our sod installation approach, is the area’s only sod installation service of its kind. Discover what makes our approach different and gives us the confidence that we can provide your lawn with green grass growth!

Quality Locally-Sourced Sod

Quality sod sourcing helps us deliver green grass growth. We seasonally inspect and test sod farms across NC to identify the area’s sod farmers that deliver well-cut rolls with good color and fertilization.

The Right Sod Selection for Your Lawn’s Environment

Lawn environments vary and therefore the right sod for lawns does too. Peak Sodding provides homeowners’ sod options that will work for their lawn. Whether your lawn gets full sun, partial shade, or experiences heavy traffic, sod selection is critical to your lawn’s potential for green grass growth.

Optimal Sub-Base Preparation for Sod Installation

Prior to sod installation, your lawn needs to be prepped to create an optimal foundation for sod establishment. Whether it’s debris removal, grading for drainage, or the addition of soil, a new lawn’s success depends on it. Peak Sodding has the tools and equipment to get the preparation done right. 

A Dedicated Lawn Sodding Team On Your Job Site

With Peak Sodding, a dedicated lawn sodding team is on your job site. We are sod installation specialists. Our specialization creates project efficiencies that only come with experience.

I highly recommend Peak Sodding. We reviewed multiple companies and settle on Peak Sodding. We were not disappointed. All the people who work for Peak are professional and displayed great workmanship. I was impressed and satisfied. If you’re looking for a great job at an affordable price, Peak Sodding is your company.

Mark M

Last month I wanted my backyard sodded with Fescue and the front with Bermuda. I contacted peak sodding and worked out the details with Ben. Ben is very professional and timely with coming out to give me the estimate and to get me on the schedule. The crew showed up…on time…were professional…polite and cleaned up prior to leaving. If you are considering getting sodding done I would highly recommend peak sodding for their professionalism and their pricing overall it was a great experience.

Paul L

Ben and the team at Peak Sodding went above board to make sure that my experience was amazing! They answered every question we had, provided additional knowledge, and honored every one of our requests. My yard looks amazing and I feel confident that we have grass that will establish itself for the long haul! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for sod installation.

Tiffany S

The Right Sod For Your Lawn

What’s your lawn environment? Lack of sunlight, too much sun, or heavy traffic from a dog or two? Peak Sodding solves lawn challenges by selecting, then installing, the right sod for the lawn environment.

Sod for Shade

Lawn Challenge

Due to the lack of ample sunlight and the nutrient value the sun offers, shady lawns have a tendency to experience loss of density. This can be very problematic for many warm season varieties as the nutrients from the sun allow for increased “leafing”, thus lack of sun will greatly affect thickness.

Sod Recommendation

Yards that have a lot of shade need turf that not only prefer cooler weather, but that can survive freely without the typical required 6 hours of sunlight per day. Fescue and higher grade Zoysia varieties have shown much better tolerance to shady conditions.

Best Time to Sod

Early spring is a great time to install sod for a shady lawn. For Fescue, it is optimal to have the sod laid in Fall due to its cool-season nature.

Sod for Full Sun Lawns

Lawn Challenge

Full sun yards can pose drought challenges when temperatures start to rise. Not only so, but those with clay soil run into another problem of the clay hardening and compacting during the hotter seasons. Grass that is not meant for full sun can quickly die or the water bill can start to go sky high.

Sod Recommendation

Yards with full sun need a sod capable of tolerating the hot temperatures and dry climates, especially in the summer with high heat days and long days of sun. Bermuda thrives under conditions like these with the higher grade varieties like TifTuf being able to survive entire Summers with minimal water.

Best Time to Sod

With the right grass type, a new lawn installation for a full-sun lawn is acceptable year-round with the optimal times being early Spring – mid Summer.

Sod for Low Maintenance

Lawn Challenge

Lawns that require lots of water or mowing can prove to be a headache for many homeowners.

Sod Recommendation

If lawn care is not something you enjoy, consider a grass type that grows more slowly and has a high drought tolerance such as Zoysia or Bermuda. Zoysia performs exceptionally for those looking for minimal mowing and lesser watering requirements. For those who don’t mind the mowing, but want to save on the water bill, Bermuda is the most drought-tolerant option. Due to their self recovering ability, both Bermuda and Zoysia also do not require yearly reseeding.

Best Time to Sod

Sodding during the dormant season can save you significant amounts of time and trouble watering as the dormant sod has very minimal watering requirements during the rooting period.

Sod for High Traffic Yards

Lawn Challenge

Heavy traffic yards are prone to a greater amount of wear and tear. The consistent stress on your grass can quickly create bare patches if the right sod is not installed.

Sod Recommendation

Yards that suffer from consistent and frequent usage need to be capable of recovering quickly from the daily traffic. Bermuda is a good solution for high traffic yards. It is often the most common choice for athletic fields and golf courses due to its exceptional recovery ability without the need to reseed.

Best Time to Sod

March-August is ideal for installing a Bermuda turf variety as it is a warm-season grass.

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